Under quarantine, the homes of people around the world turned into offices, sports clubs, cinemas, and music halls. While real music halls were shut, „Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022“ together with community program „Fluxus Labs“ and the main project sponsor „Švyturys nealkoholinis“ invited to get back feelings of the thrill of anticipation, direct connection with the performers and spectators around you while staying at your home – in the yards.
Various performers and professionals doing performances in the courtyards inspired the whole Kaunas city and it’s district: project’s format continued and burst out as the on Kaunas city birthday when more than 40 cultural organizations delivered their most excellent performance in various places of the city.
Project „Culture to the Yards“ was appreciated not only by the city‘s and it‘s districts‘ dwellers, but also the whole of Europe – the project was announced one of the finalists in The Innovation in Politics Awards 2020, organized by The Innovation in Politics Institute.
A total of 398 projects from various countries were nominated for the awards and evaluated by a jury of 1,058 citizens from 47 countries. „Culture to the Yards“ was among the top 10 projects in the „Coping with Covid-19“ category, and among the top 90 projects in all categories in Europe.
All projects submitted for the awards are judged on three criteria: innovation, the involvement of communities and people, and sustainability of an impact. The finalists of The Innovation in Politics Awards 2020 will be announced by categories during the whole November: 2nd – education and ecology, 9th – economics and digitalization, 16th – the quality of life, coping with Covid-19, 23rd – democracy, human rights, and communities.
You can experience the most memorable moments of „Culture to the Yards“ project here.