“Kaunas is a place of concealment, where I hid my entire world and decorated it as much as I could by using all my resourcefulness and love.
My heart’s desire is to let many people find it, wipe off the suppressive layer of dust and see its beauty in full.”  – Jolanta Šmidtienė
Jolanta Šmidtienė is one of the most famous Lithuanian artists working with textiles, an initiator of various creative projects, and the creator of the most beautiful Christmas tree in Lithuania. Jolanta is the founder of the “Balta” gallery, the founder of a textile arts school for adults, a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, and a member of the England Guild of Embroiderers’ “Art of Stitch”. In 2012, she set a Guinness World record by creating a Christmas tree for Kaunas from 42,000 plastic bottles held together with 150,000 so-called “zippers”.

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