The UNESCO Creative Cities of Design network, which unites 40 cities around the globe, is organizing an open virtual discussion on „The power of design in response to the global crisis and rebooting the world”. In a discussion broadcasted from Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 office, on July 14th, cities will share current issues and COVID-19 inspired emergency design practices and experiences that inspire people around the world.

We face design at every step without even thinking about it: at home, at work, in public spaces. Fused, they create and shape our perception of what the city and city life should look like. Form and content affect everything: economics, politics, and culture. The experience of quarantine with endless limitations has provoked the need for urgent and creative solutions that not only help us to adapt to this new reality, but feel healthier and happier. In virtuality, connectivity with the community, no matter its size, has become an essential criterion in design: in a world struck by a pandemic, we must reconsider our priorities. What is the significance and function of design today? How does a discipline often associated with luxury, style, or beauty help communities of the world to deal with today‘s challenges, adapt to changed conditions, and ensure the safety and connections between people? What is the role of design and designers in „rebooting” the world?
During the virtual session, creators and designers will present the most inspiring emergency design solutions from different cities around the world, and UNESCO’s Creative Cities of Design coordinators and initiators will discuss the role of design in restoring the world. “We aim to discover the resilient mindset of the design cities and learn how we each tackle Covid-19 around the world. This will be a great inspiration and learning session,” says Stijn Debaillie, Deputy Coordinator of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Design subnetwork.
The international session will present a variety of design solutions in different cities around the world, from protective masks and hoods, graphic design solutions to aged care visitor pods and ways to mobilize the architectural community to address new urban challenges.
The discussion „The Power of Design in Response to the Global Crisis and Rebooting the World” on the Zoom platform will be broadcasted live from Kaunas on Tuesday, July 14, at 2 p.m. Local Time (2:00 PM EEST (Eastern European Summer Time))
Format: Zoom
Organizers: UNESCO Creative Cities of Design & Kaunas 2022
Photo by Andrius Aleksandravičius