“Kaunas 2022” is postponing the deadline of the international contest to create visual identity for the programme Kaunas – European Capital of Culture. In accordance with The Lithuanian Law on Public Procurement, these modifications were made to the rules of the contest:

1) The process of submitting contest proposals is guaranteed to be anonymous;
2) The list of required visualisations and graphic images of the logo and other elements is reduced;
3) The deadline for contest proposals is postponed until November 3rd, 2017;
4) A participant’s declaration of honesty is added to the list of appendixes;
5) The project for the contract between the buyer and the winning participant is prepared;
6) The procedure of evaluating contest proposals is clarified and a detailed table for evaluating the proposals is added;
In order to avoid the additional procedures of formalising the proposals, the 2nd and 3rd prizes of the contest were withdrawn, while the first prize was slightly reduced to €9,900.
The new contest deadline is November 3rd, 2017;
The proposals will be evaluated by an international jury of experts. The winning proposal will include the logo which will be used for the communication of the programme Kaunas – European Capital of Culture from 2017 to 2023, it will replace the temporary logo that’s being used right now. The requirements for the new visual identity, along with any other relevant information, are included in a detailed description of the contest.
The ideas of the contest proposals should be based on the mission and values of the programme Kaunas – European Capital of Culture.
Those who want to take part in the contest and receive a detailed set of documents (conditions, application form, description) should register via this email: [email protected].
Our sincere apologies for the modifications, we hope that these changes will bring more transparency to the process of the contest. Please send your relevant questions to [email protected].