On Friday afternoon, the ambassadors of Kaunas 2022 met for their first dinner in the terrace of IETI restaurant in the Old Town. Famous actors, journalists, artists, businessmen, and other public figures came to the festive dinner with a noble mission – to get acquainted with each other and choose an ambassador who would become the president of Kaunas 2022 ambassadors for one year, and most importantly to share their ideas on how to contribute to Kaunas’ transition from temporary to contemporary capital.
The ambassadors looked for the ways to attract more visitors to the museums, cultural events, raise the interest in arts not only among Kaunas’ intellectuals who have already made it part of their lives in some way but also among young people, people from the province or suburbs.
Ambassadors also discussed the overall image of the city and how to make it more attractive for both tourists and citizens.
The election of the president of Kaunas 2022 ambassadors concluded an intimate afternoon.
After a brief consultation, the ambassadors almost unanimously decided to appoint Kaunas architect Audra Kaušpėdienė for the position for one year. The architect, together with the entire team of ambassadors, will not only look for new, young, and talented ambassadors but will also work for the success of the project on the national and international level. One of the greatest ambassadors’ aspirations is to unite culture, business, technologies, and other fields for one common goal – the emergence of the new face and cultural pace of Kaunas city.
Photos: R. Ščerbauskas.