„This city is often not the destination. Despite all the best roads in Lithuania go through Kaunas, the city is often as if en route. One might visit it or not. It is a certain oasis of stability and tranquility. I would like Kaunas to become the destination.
When modern art from all around the world will flow to this confluence of rivers, Kaunas will remember, that it is more than museum guardian of traditions with its hushed carillon and several festivals, that have thrust a tradition. This is a modern, exploding and boiling center of culture, where people are rushing to see and experience it all because it is happening only in Kaunas and only now.
To put it simply, if people promenading Laisvės avenue speed up their pace, it will be great! It will surely be something to remember.” – Dainius Gavenonis
Lithuanian theater and cinema actor Dainius Gavenonis is a winner of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts, earlier has received awards from the Ministry of Culture, Golden Stage Cross, Silver Crane, and other awards for excellent roles. Kaunas born and grown actor currently performs at Oskaras Koršunovas/Vilnius City Theater and Lithuanian National Drama Theater.