„Kaunas was a temporary capital of Lithuanian state, second largest and second most important Lithuanian city with rich history. It is more than a city of old traditions. It is also a large center of science, business, industry, and culture. Kaunas is open to everyone, so, it is time for Kaunas to become European Capital of Culture 2022!
Every city is a center of a historical process with a distinctive and impressive architecture and artists. The city is also an accumulation of daily routine, ordinary buildings, and dreary abandoned spaces. Once it becomes European Capital of Culture 2022, I would like to wish for Kaunas to be “occupied” with cultural and artistic events, that are relevant to present urban environment and develop a proper relationship with daily city life, because cultural events are one of the most important elements of city life.
I believe, that Kaunas 2022 with the swing to change the city will find a way to draw into the process all social strata, that will take part in city metamorphoses.” – Daina Urbanavičienė
Daina Urbanavičienė is a culture manager, the initiator, and organizer of cultural events „Kultūros naktis” (Night of Culture) and „Gatvės muzikos diena” (Day of Street Music). She is a lecturer in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, a member of the board at Lithuanian Culture Institute, from 2013 is the head of Lithuanian Council of Culture. D. Urbanavičienė previously was a member of National Association of Creative Industries, a member of expert groups on international projects, and a member of a committee of Association of European cities and regions for Culture „Les Rencontres” committee, as well as workgroup member on creative industries.