Why the CityTelling Festival? 

Stories are tales alive in our memory.

Stories that keep our culture alive. Stories that keep the history of our city alive.

Not only stories help to know the past, but they also teach how to communicate, better understand and feel one another.

CityTelling Festival is an eight-day event during which residents of the communities of Kaunas City and its district, also theatres, museums and artists will share their memories. 

In the festival, we will strive to TELL the city: its legends, stories and memories. 

We will invite to notice people who live next to us, but whose stories we don’t know.

We will invite to the spaces, which we have forgotten or want to tame. 

We will tell stories with memory dust on them. 

The programme of the festival to take place for over a week will follow its participants across the long city story from the ancient times, the interwar period, through WW2 to this day. It will open city secrets, destinies of forgotten or unknown residents of Kaunas.

CityTelling Festival is a unique experience which we will start with the Grand Opening event in Ramybės Park (Kaunas Old Cemetery), in a place where several different nations that lived in Kaunas meet. A story of this multi-ethnic place will be told through interactive routes, art installations and an impressive Choir of Stories. Doors of Kaunas Mosque and Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church will be open at the same time, and later the festival will spread around the entire Kaunas City and its District. The stories will be told on the streets, in cafés, theatres, museums and apartments. 

During this journey, each resident of Kaunas or its district will be able to hear the stories of others and share their own. 

Each of us is a participant and creator of our own story.

The programme of the festival will feature around half a hundred events – excursions, creative workshops, theatrical and stage performances, exhibitions and concerts.

Main parts and events of the festival:

The grand opening in Ramybės (Tranquillity) Park (Kaunas Old Cemetery). 

Exhibition of city resident things and stories “Wild West of Kaunas” (Laukiniai Kauno vakarai) in Kaunas City Museum.

Photography and video project dedicated to the memory of the World War 2 at Vytauto pr. 58.

A solemn concert dedicated to the memory of Kaunas Ghetto Orchestra. Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra.

Storytelling performance “Vilko mergaitė” (Wolf’s Girl).

Closing event of the festival.