The European Capital of Culture Forum 2020 is one of the major annual events of Kaunas 2022, aimed at creating a space for a discussion for the cultural, business and academic community. This year 20-22 May moved to the virtual space the Forum invited cultural experts and leaders from all around the world for a discussion about the challenges culture is facing during a pandemic time.
Forum revealed, that both culture and communion can and do exist without borders and boundaries: director of OECD Venice Office Pier Luigi Sacco, futurist, trend scout Anne Boysen, head of outreach and governance at Bruegel Giuseppe Porcaro and other well-known representatives of the cultural world participated in the discussions; sessions were viewed more than 61 thousand times, people from Japan, Israel, Portugal, Georgia and other countries joined the Forum.
Take a look at Forum’s highlits: thoughts of Forum’s participants on challenges, culture reorentation and arising possibilities during the pandemic.
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