The most important open call for partnerships of cultural organisations to join the programme of European Capital of Culture 2022 has ended with 132 applications submitted to Kaunas 2022 from almost the same number of organisations. The applications feature over 200 projects.

Activities and contributions of organisations to join the programme of 2022 are indeed very diverse. Organisations plan to draw the eyes of the entire continent to Kaunas with exhibitions, innovative artistic solutions, publications, captivating events, digital routes, youth activities, stage productions for various audiences, performances, initiatives to activate culture in communities and neighbourhoods, music and cinema events and a variety of other initiatives.
“We are glad that so many cultural organisations have appreciated the importance of the title of Kaunas European Capital of Culture and were such active participants of this call. We have no doubt that new partnerships established will contribute to the programme of 2022, but also moving towards that year, as well as implementing the goals established while we were still working to achieve this title,” says Dr. Virginija Vitkienė, head of Kaunas 2022.
It was possible to submit applications for all programmes coordinated by Kaunas 2022. Various cultural organisations have expressed their keenest interest to join the programme Wake It, Shake It, which is designed to strengthen the cultural sector, reveal the opportunities it can provide by carrying out training programmes, discussions, international exchange and developing the network of partnerships. This programme welcomed 55 applications.
35 organisations that develop plans to strengthen community have submitted applications to the programme We, the People which employs culture to cultivate the sense of community. 26 organisations would like to join Designing Happiness programme, the aim of which is to use design as a means to increase the well-being of society and make everything more convenient to use.
Emerging Kaunas programme, which aims at including the youth into cultural and civic activities, have received applications from 21 organisations. The legend of the Mythical Beast of Kaunas could be developed by 16 organisations, while Memory Office which is designed to awaken the multicultural memory of the city and recall the rich history of the city as well as Modernism for the Future that is designed to raise awareness about the relevance of modernist Kaunas heritage has received applications from respectively 15 and 16 organisations.
The highest number of projects submitted for different programmes – 12 –  belongs to M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art in Kaunas. 7 projects were submitted by Kaunas Artists’ House and Kaunas Division of Lithuanian Photoartists’ Union.
Organisations that want to establish partnerships and contribute to the programme of 2022 include museums, art and culture centres, education institutions, unions and associations representing various cultural professions like composers, cinema creators as well as other public organisations that carry out cultural activities.
Applications were submitted not only in Lithuania and from institutions operating in Kaunas, Kaunas District, Vilnius, Klaipėda, Neringa, but also organisations cooperating with partners in Lithuania and France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and Poland.
Applications received are to be evaluated by the partnership project evaluation task force that consists of the employees of Kaunas 2022, Kaunas City and District Municipalities and external experts. Preliminary list of future partners will be announced on 29 November. Later negotiations will take place regarding the final establishment of the most important partnerships.
At the second half of 2020, Kaunas 2022 plans to announce additional special calls dedicated to strengthen specific programmes.