The results of an international image competition for the Beast of Kaunas are just in!
And the winner is:
Graphic designer from Kaunas Darius Petreikis with his dragon-go-shark-aurochs-turn-Stealth-fighter image!
“I focused myself on Kaunas 2022 logo. This is where I had started. And then I just could not stop… “says D. Petreikis.
“It is an image with inner constant progress embedded”, says creativity lecturer, founder of advertising, branding and social media agencies and one of the jury members Tomas Ramanauskas,.
Virginija Vitkienė, Kaunas 2022 CEO, sees Kaunas modernism architecture in the Beast’s curves. “And this Beast is not scary at all, look – it is so friendly and funny!” says she.
Rytis Zemkauskas, the creator of the Kaunas Beast: “I was so nervous. Will it work? Will people like it as much as we do? The first reactions are positive. The Beast went viral within a few hours. I am so happy now. Now on with the children’s book, on with the table game, the computer game, the public object… I am sending Darius the text of children’s book tonight”.
So here are the first glimpses of the long anticipated Modern Beast of Kaunas!