We invite you to the International Day of Happiness

Last year, it was the first time we celebrated the International Day of Happiness in Kaunas and Kaunas district, and it was marked by great support and participation of its residents.
The celebration was commemorated by over 60 different organisations, 2500 participants and decibels of happiness in Kaunas Žalgiris Arena were increased by 15000 basketball fans. We have measured it, and such strength of happiness can be compared to 150 elephants!

Celebration accessible for everyone

Happiness is an opportunity to be together without any limitations and share
positive emotions with one another, irrespective of our diversity, abilities, needs,
cultural and social status, age and gender.
On 20 March, the Day of Happiness, let us open the door for those who find it
more difficult to access the cultural life in the city and its district, including the
temples of art, public spaces, means of transportation, shopping centres and
other places.
We want that for one day (and gradually every day), the environment in our city
and district would be accessible to families, children, elder citizens, disabled
people with different needs, representatives of various cultures, our families,
friends and strangers!

Lime, the symbol of happiness

The lime fruit is the symbol of this year’s celebration: sour but fragrant and very healthy. Most importantly, in Lithuanian, it is a pun, as lime sounds similar as laimė (happiness). We encourage everyone to use this symbol, especially those who want to join or participate in this celebration. So, if you see the bright colour of lime or if you feel its aroma, you can know for sure know that there are people celebrating happiness nearby.

How to participate?

Here are some ideas for you:
– organise and event, performance or a concert and make sure it is translated into the sign language or its audio description is created;
– make sure that information about your events is translated into other languages, is printed in appropriate font size and, thus, understandable and readable to all age groups and foreigners;
– organise an exhibition, book presentation, movie screening or excursion that
would be friendly for people with different needs and accessible by a wheel chair;
– open the door of your restaurant or café for visitors with pets, and prepare a game corner for little children;
– host a training session or a dance lesson that would be appropriate for various age
– pay attention to those who need it;
– make sure that your event or space is as easy to access as possible–let the
happiness in!
All museums, libraries, schools, kindergartens, societies, clubs, retirement home,
cafés or markets, yards, stairwell or house communities are invited to become
active participants of the Day of Happiness

Please let us know about your ideas and intentions to participate by
February 28, contacting us by email [email protected] and filling the
registration form: http://bit.ly/LaimesDiena2019
Have a happy day!