I am not a sedentary person. I quench my thirst for knowledge traveling, looking for few experiences, cultures, people, and landscapes. When traveling around the world, I see and feel that there are places, where life is of better quality, more intensive, quieter or better than in Lithuania or in Kaunas in some other way.

During each stage of life, different values are tempting us. And you may find what you look for at that time in different parts of the world. But the thing is, once you get something, you immediately want something else. And then you start thinking: where is happiness, fulfillment, where is your place in this world. And the providence has descended from the sky as a wide circle of light: home is what people need. The starting point. The personal center of the space.
I frequently catch myself thinking that the warmest and most pleasant feeling overcomes you not when you travel, but when you return. It seems that it is not enough to get to know the place that you could call Home. It is encoded somewhere deeper than we can understand. My home is Kaunas. This is where I breathed my first gulp of air, this is where I learned to walk and speak, here I got the most intensive memories of these simple things that a growing and developing, but emotionally increasingly unavailable person tends to underestimate. I feel responsible for returning a part of what I have taken and what I received. Without being forced, with great willingness and love. I think that before solving the global problems, a person must take care of his / her own yard first. A few square meters around oneself, then around home, city, and country. I work in Kaunas and when I create, I identify myself with the city. I feel guilty when I see its decline, and I feel pride when it flourishes. Recently, Kaunas is not simply moving upwards, it’s skyrocketing, and I await its culmination in 2022. I am glad being able to contribute to this salvo and I am proud of the strong team of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture.