The team of Kaunas 2022 invites representatives of cultural organisations to the presentation of the “Wake It, Shake It” platform. The meeting will cover the aims of the programme, the near-future plans and a discussion on relevant affairs; it’ll take place on the 31st of October, 3 pm at the Kaunas Cultural Centre “Tautos namai”, 79 Vytauto avenue.
Duration: two hours. 1-2 representatives from each cultural organisation of Kaunas or Kaunas District are welcome.
Registration is open until October 27th.
The platform “Wake It, Shake It” is created to strengthen the cultural sector and uncover the hidden capabilities of it in order to prepare for the challenges of Kaunas 2022. The upcoming years will have us inviting various organisations from the cultural field, partners, artists and communities to pitch ambitious, progressive ideas and to ensure the best possible quality of the programme. We’ll encourage creators/authors to take part in surprising collaborations, to experiment on fresh creative models and on new ways to work not only with different sectors but also a number of European partners. Let’s hope that critical thinking and openness, constant learning, the diversity of our culture and a totally new artistic rhythm will become the values modern Kaunas is built on.
The vision of Kaunas 2022 is to become a “contemporary capital” engaged with open, creative, innovative affairs – a place for every citizen to be able to take part in the cultural experiences without any shadows of a temporary nature. Therefore, the years up until 2022 will be a meaningful journey towards linking the cultural field with any resident or guest of Kaunas, stopping only to think on what does a contemporary city mean to us and what is the real role of culture in a global, modern world? Also, how can cultural organisations create more value in the life of Kaunas and just what kind of future are we all hoping to shape?
During the meeting with the representatives from the cultural sector, we’ll talk about the importance of cultural institutions in the programme of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture, the opportunities for various organisations to collaborate, the relevant criteria and other practical matters.