Kaunas is making the last steps towards the finish line of “European Capital of Culture 2022” competition and invites you to join the celebration of the finale. On this occasion, on 29th March, at 6 p.m., Kaunas residents and guests are invited to an exciting celebration programme which will take place in Kaunas Town Hall Square.

‘The entire team, that prepared the application for this competition, accomplished an incredibly huge task. If Kaunas is designated as the European Capital of Culture, even greater work will come in the future. This would be a great opportunity for the whole of Lithuania and Europe to rediscover Kaunas,” said the Mayor of Kaunas Visvaldas Matijošaitis.
After reviewing Kaunas and Klaipėda applications, which required long preparation, and listening to the presentations of the cities, on 29th March, an international panel of European experts will grant the title of the European Capital of Culture 2022 to one of the cities. Every year, the title of the European Capital of Culture is granted to one city per each of the two Member States. Lithuania and Luxembourg were given the right to appoint one of their cities the European Capital of Culture in 2022.
‘Kaunas city and district proposal was prepared on the foundation of openness and inclusiveness. First of all, it is a platform and opportunity for Kaunas and Lithuanian artists and creatives to fulfill creative ideas in collaboration with the artists of the entire Europe. It is an opportunity for inter-organisational and international collaboration of all creative organisations. “Contemporary Capital” is the name of the 2022 programme. This is a friendly place for the initiatives and expression of all nationalities and various communities. And what is most important, it is a change that will reach the city residents where they live. Every yard can and will become a gallery, safe and friendly space, and creative laboratory,’ says the head of “Kaunas: European Capital of Culture 2022” programme Virginija Vitkienė.
On March 29th, in Kaunas Town Hall Square, a globally acclaimed artist Tadas Černiauskas (Tadao Cern) is preparing “Black Balloons“ – an impressive size installation. After being presented in Kaunas, this installation will immediately leave to Venice, New York, Vancouver, and Taipei. The installation will be displayed throughout the day.
The evening celebration programme will start at 6 p.m., in Kaunas Town Hall Square, with the final concert and live announcement of „The European Capital of Culture” competition results. Along with the “Kaunas 2022” ambassador, the leader of Lithuanian dance music Golden Parazyth, stereotype-breaking, musical rascals Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys, and drum virtuoso Gintas Gascevičius will awaken the city and the whole Lithuania.
During the concert, Gintas Gascevičius will invite everyone to join him in achieving a new musical record. Every participant of the event, who will bring a drum, drumsticks, or other noisy musical instruments, is welcome to join.