„The first meeting with Kaunas in my teenage years left me with a feeling of an encounter with values that had been revealed by time. This feeling is the strongest in Santaka (Confluence) valley. Those two rivers embrace and offer each other the best they have, and give it all away to the world in a further joint flow – this is the symbol of Kaunas to me.It was a destiny that Kaunas gave birth to numerous phenomenon of national significance, including professional Theater. Theater grew too by handing from heart to heart what is meaningful and valuable to the Audience and accompanying the spectator on the path to Liberty. And most importantly, Kaunas audience matured in a way that it needs the Art of Theater as life needs oxygen. This mutual dependence between the spectator and the creator, and the embrace of the two is an evidence of Kaunas theater that opens itself today to the most prominent creators of the world, who are able to interpret the most outstanding works of literature in a novel way.” – Egidijus Stancikas
Egidijus Stancikas studied acting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater from 1986 to 1990 and graduated as a dramatic actor receiving a BA in Theater Arts. In 2003 he received an MA at Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Economics and Business. From 1990 he works as an actor at the Kaunas State Drama Theater, from 2008 holds a position of a manager at the Kaunas State Drama Theater. In 2012 he became the chief manager of the Kaunas State Drama Theater. On June 3rd, 2016 defended a doctoral thesis on the „Self-development of Cultural Awareness of Adult Drama Theater Audience”.