“Travelling the world, I notice that the second largest cities are the most beautiful, open and comfortable. However, I love Kaunas for many other things as well: I was born here, and I grew up here playing Indians with my yard mates while I was learning to play the violin in Santaka (Confluence), the most beautiful place of Kaunas and, perhaps, of Lithuania as well. That’s right, Kaunas is proud to have the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers.

Our city has one of the oldest basketball teams in Europe and I can proudly say I am have been a sworn fan of the “Žalgiris” team since childhood. Today I am happy because “Žalgiris” has been trusted to create as many as four team hymns that sound in almost every basketball competition. I also have to mention our live legend of basketball, Arvydas Sabonis. When the people I meet in travelling hear I am from Lithuania, most of them mention Sabonis and Kaunas.
We have got festivals that amaze the whole world: “Kaunas Jazz”, “Pažaislis Music Festival”, “International Kaunas Cinema Festival” and many more. In general, Kaunas is always pulsating, live, honest, young and full of culture, and we must recognize that it has raised many prominent personalities, who glorify Lithuania worldwide.” – Linas Adomaitis
A winner of numerous international music festivals and competitions, Linas Adomaitis has worked and performed as a singer, composer, violinist, music producer and sound engineer, director of the J. Gruodis Conservatory Jazz and Pop Division, and a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities of Kaunas University of Technology.
He taught at J. Naujalis music gymnasium, at the violin program of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Bachelor’s degree) and the sound engineering program of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Master’s degree).
Activities: He wrote and released 20 music albums, wrote and recorded over 500 songs, composed music for theatre performances and movies, and organized more than 1000 concert appearances. The most notable years in the career of Linas Adomaitis are 2014-2015: the musician performed at concerts with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Kaunas Symphony Orchestra, mixed choirs and many famous musical authorities.