On 6 October 2015, the cultural community of Kaunas approved “Contemporary Capital” for the title, slogan and direction of the programme at a public meeting initiated by the Kaunas City Municipality. The title is used as a first step based on the name “temporary capital”, which Kaunas was historically, and it has become a synonym of the city. This concept is further supported by stating that the positive identity of the city has not stayed stuck in the past century, because the process of its creation is taking place now.
This invitation is an appeal to each and every person to present ideas and proposals, and to share experience and contacts in order to develop a programme of events for the year 2022 that will involve the entire community of the city and attract international attention to it.
We invite cultural operators, organizations and persons to contribute their ideas and proposals for the development of the European Capital of Culture programme. Please fill in the brief questionnaire and send it by e-mail to the following address: [email protected].
We would like to point out that this invitation is not a competition. This is your contribution to the ideas bank. Your experience and proposals are very important when making the entire map of this huge event. Proposals may be submitted by both organizations and individual persons.