Kaunas residents celebrated the Day of Happiness: they were looking for happiness on the roofs, music sounded through the windows, dancers enlivened the city streets

On Saturday, the Day of Happiness was celebrated in Kaunas, and it coincided with the opening of museums and galleries. The lockdown restrictions which are still in place became a challenge for the Day of Happiness events, but the organizers looked at the situation creatively. Music was played through the windows and on the roofs. Kaunas residents were invited to celebrate happiness by the team of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022“, Kaunas City Municipality and various cultural institutions.

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Two more artists selected for interpretations of the modernist architecture

In addition to the fourteen artists who have already started their creative interpretations for the project “Modernism for the Future 365/360” implemented by the programme “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”, two more were selected for international residencies: Shay Zilberman, a master of graphic collage from Tel Aviv (Israel), and Rokas Mikšiūnas, a promoter of architectural and cultural heritage and creator of the LEGO models from Kaunas.

Shay Zilberman will create interpretations of the modernist architecture in Kaunas, while Rokas Mikšiūnas will do the same in Tel Aviv. The artists will start working already in early summer.

Other artists from various disciplines will interpret the modernist architecture in 8 local and 7 international residencies in Kaunas, Lviv (Ukraine), Kortrijk (Belgium) and Brno (Czechia), and from now also in Tel Aviv.

The result of the work of these artists creating in 17 artistic residencies will be presented to the public in 2022 in Kaunas, at the opening events of the European Capital of Culture.

The project “Modernism for the Future 365/360” is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme.