The programme is designed for the young generation of various ages: from babies to students.

The aim of the youth programme “Emerging Kaunas” is to help the young generation to create a city in which they want to live. The programme consists of the following strands:

Teams representing the best curatorial concepts will be invited to Kaunas for a weekend camp on the 25-27th of September, where they can work with local partners to develop their concepts further.

We are looking for people who either have experience in curating and organizing cultural events or are eager to learn. Apply by filling in the application form until the 13th of August here. The program is free of charge, workshops will be held in English. You can find more information about the program here.

The main aim of youth camps is to ignite new, attractive, creative initiatives that would help to involve Kaunas and Kaunas district communities, international & local youth in the activities of the Kaunas 2022 project. Youth camps, occurring every two years, aim to bring together an international youth network and locals, which would help developing ideas and projects for 2022 in a spirit of cooperation and co-creation. The first youth camp took place in 2018. You can see the results of this camp here.

This programme is designed to include youth into joint creation of changes in Kaunas and its district. A group of participants for “Kaunas Challenge” is selected each September. More about the educational programme:

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There they have an opportunity to learn from the existing experience and experiment implementing their own ideas. The long-term vision of the alumni club is to enable young people to create and implement one of the major events of 2022. The following objects have already been developed by our youth.

  • Journal for the youth MASS
  • Project uniting teachers and students eNDė
  • Other ideas by youth: MindFAQ evenings, podcast about travels, Youth Kaunas blog
  • Members of the alumni club are active participants of the activities of Kaunas 2022; they volunteer, contribute as interns and gain increasingly greater responsibilities.

The youth programme carries out its activities in the TEMPO space in the Old Town of Kaunas, M. Daukšos g. 34. Stop by to become acquainted and share your ideas for the city.

Curator of Youth programme

Evelina Šuscickytė

 [email protected]


Coordinator of Kaunas Challenge

Aurelija Prašmuntaitė

[email protected]


Coordinator of Kaunas Challenge

Sandra Karnilavičiūtė

[email protected]