Emerging Kaunas

“Emerging Kaunas” was designed for young people (up to 29yo).

Youth programme “Emerging Kaunas” seeked to help them build a city they want to live in.

This programme enabled young people to participate in co-creation processes of the AUDRA Youth Festival, as well as to contribute to Kaunas 2022 initiatives and to implement their cultural ideas in Kaunas and Kaunas district.

In 20172022, “Emerging Kaunas” had:



participants in capacity building events

professionals involved

The Kaunas Challenge

“The Kaunas Challenge” is an opportunity for young people to implement their cultural ideas for the city, the district and its people with the help of mentors. The young people who took part in the programme later continued their activities in the alumni club, where young people were given the opportunity to learn from experience and experiment with their cultural ideas.


In 20172022, “Emerging Kaunas” organized:


other activities

The group of “Kaunas Challenge” participants (young people aged 15-18) was recruited every September, and the programme lasted from October to April. In the first part of the programme, the participants solved creative challenges and then initiated and implemented their own ideas. The programme has given birth to long-standing projects such as Komoda, PDF fest, Puota, NEFONAS, which enrich the cultural life of the city every year.

“The Kaunas Challenge” training programme included hands-on lectures, exploring the city and working in teams. Challenges, guest speakers and cultural engagement helped them to develop individually. Participants shared that they had gained skills in time management, personal effectiveness, leadership, project management, and had the opportunity to get to know cultural institutions and get involved in their activities, also join community of the like-minded youngsters.


In 20172022, “Emerging Kaunas” attracted:

local partners

international partners

Participants of The Kaunas Challenge visited various cultural organisations in Kaunas city and district, got acquainted with their activities and offered their ideas on how to encourage young people to get involved.

After the end of the Kaunas 2022 project, the participants of the programme founded their own organisation and successfully continue The Kaunas Challenge training. The youth teams are developing their own cultural projects and contributing to the cultural programme of the AUDRA Contemporary City Festival every year.

“Emerging Kaunas” reached:

people through communication

Programme created:

long-lasting products




Vaida Venckutė-Nagė

Evelina Šuscickytė

Aurelija Prašmuntaitė

Sandra Karnilavičiūtė

Vaiva Marija Bružaitė

Šarūnas Dignaitis

Dominyka Ginelevičiūtė