International Day of Happiness

A festival that creates and spreads happiness, transforming Kaunas and the Kaunas District into a scene of crazy performances.

Ship of culture “Nemuno 7”

A unique space for contemporary art, landscape design and artistic residencies in a former dredger (Zapyškis, Kaunas District).

Japan days in Kaunas WA

Synthesis of traditional and contemporary Japanese culture in Kaunas.

Kaunas Literature Week

An international festival dedicated to writers and books that continues and creates new literary traditions.

Courtyard Festival

A celebration that gathers neighbours, friends and strangers around the longest table in Europe, turning Laisvės aleja into one big courtyard of happy people.

Let’s Celebrate the River

A community initiative that encourages the use of rivers, their waters and coasts for cultural events and community gatherings.

Contemporary neighbourhoods

A project uniting 15 Kaunas District neighbourhoods, inviting to celebrate community and cultural events inspired by local identity and modern solutions.

Contemporary City Festival "Audra“

The greatest element of electronic music and contemporary culture in the city.

International performing arts festival "ConTempo"

The largest performing arts festival in Kaunas and the Kaunas District which challenges the performing arts, the city and the audience.

Fluxus festival

The most Fluxus fiesta in Europe, kicking off with a spectacular, traffic-stopping climb up the Exhibition Hill.

Kaunas Urban Design festival

Beveik mėnesio trukmės renginys, sutelkiantis vietos kūrybinių industrijų energiją, ir paverčiantis Kauną, UNESCO Dizaino miestą, matomu išoriniam dizaino ir urbanistikos pasauliui.

Public art objects route “The Emerald Road”

A unique route of half a dozen artistic objects, turning Kaunas district into an exclusive open-air gallery.








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