WE, THE PEOPLE is a platform that promotes the sense of community through culture.

Our motto: Culture that unites, community that creates.

The community programme “We, the People” consists of the following two parts:

Fluxus Labs!

These are community labs set up in Kaunas that thrive to unite local residents, artists, creators, activists, entrepreneurs, educators and everyone else wishing to contribute to the creation and enablement of their residence through artistic and creative activities. Since 2018, community labs have been established in all 11 sub-districts of Kaunas. We aim that 2022, the year we are celebrating the title of “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture”, will become an event created by all Kaunas’ residents and communities, during which the multicultural variety of all Kaunas’ microdistricts will be revealed – communities brightening the riversides, their own courtyards and living environment, developing initiatives that reflect the local identity, seeking to create a safe and creative environment for their neighbours and much more. We believe that small creative initiatives shape strong long-term changes which are crucial for a growing society aware of the importance of creativity and communication.

Ongoing projects: 

  • Fluxus Labs. The goal of these labs is to bring together both formal and informal communities of Kaunas, organisations of various sectors, and individuals as well as to encourage them to engage in communal culture and artistic activities in a specific microdistrict.
  • Fluxus Yard.  The goal of this project is to encourage the residents to change their living environment and, together with their neighbours, take responsibility for their neighbourhood as well as creatively tackle emerging challenges.
  • Fluxus Labs! Community initiatives.The goal of this project is to support initiatives of local communities and communities of common interest as well as to strengthen them through artistic input and promotion.
  • Trainings.The training of the community facilitators and the training of the community entrepreneurship.
  • Major events: The Neighborhood Feast and Fluxus Festival.

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“Contemporary Neighbourhoods” 

Contemporary Neighbourhoods is a continuous creative project aimed at strengthening the cultural sector of Kaunas district, its partners, and local communities, in this way, helping them to prepare for “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”.

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Programme curator

Greta Klimavičiūtė – Minkštimienė

[email protected]

For us, community is:

  • open people who want to act
  • people who care about their environment and everyday life
  • people who rally others around them
  • those who empower a chain of people
  • those who want to make the everyday life easier and more colourful
  • those who connect different disciplines and do not regret it
  • those who look for adventures in the places they live in
  • those who are not afraid of coincidences
  • those who are not afraid to make mistakes
  • those who are not afraid to look for secrets and intrigues in the places they live in
  • those who are not afraid to do things themselves or ask for help
  • those who measure activities not by the money invested, but by tasks carried out on a volunteer basis
  • those whose works are the tokens of good will
  • those who look for simplicity in the difficult situations of the everyday life
  • those who are not afraid of movement and changes
  • those who erase boundaries between life and art
  • those who move and try to snap others out of their everyday life and routine…