WE, THE PEOPLE is a platform that promotes the sense of community through culture.

Our motto: Culture that unites, community that creates.

Currently the community programme “We, the People” consists of the following parts:

Fluxus labs! –are community labs set up in various places around Kaunas and Kaunas district. Fluxus agents strive to find local talents, unleash their potential and create conditions for creative self-expression, serving as intermediaries between communities and cultural institutions.

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Contemporary Neighbourhoods – programme dedicated to highlight the uniqueness of settlements in Kaunas district

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Matters – the programme of industrial culture.

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Upynės – a programme to make rivers and riversides relevant and activate them through culture.

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Fluxus Yard – programme to create professional art in public and private spaces

Fluxus Festival – a major event of community programmes

Programme curator

Greta Klimavičiūtė – Minkštimienė


For us, community is:

  • open people who want to act
  • people who care about their environment and everyday life
  • people who rally others around them
  • those who empower a chain of people
  • those who want to make the everyday life easier and more colourful
  • those who connect different disciplines and do not regret it
  • those who look for adventures in the places they live in
  • those who are not afraid of coincidences
  • those who are not afraid to make mistakes
  • those who are not afraid to look for secrets and intrigues in the places they live in
  • those who are not afraid to do things themselves or ask for help
  • those who measure activities not by the money invested, but by tasks carried out on a volunteer basis
  • those whose works are the tokens of good will
  • those who look for simplicity in the difficult situations of the everyday life
  • those who are not afraid of movement and changes
  • those who erase boundaries between life and art
  • those who move and try to snap others out of their everyday life and routine…