Cultural partnerships

The network of cultural organisations and creators, in collaboration with Kaunas 2022, has created more than 130 unique artistic projects for the 2022 programme.

We are confident that the partnerships established in our project will shape the cultural map of Kaunas for decades to come.

In 20202022, cultural organisations in collaboration with Kaunas 2022 had:



participants in capacity building events

professionals involved


13th Kaunas Biennial “Once Upon Another Time… “The Memory of Being” by Marina Abramovic, Yoko Ono’s installation “Ex It” and the retrospective exhibition “The Garden of Freedom’s Cognition”, “Mari Katayama” at the Kaunas Photography Gallery, “The Mechanics of Tomorrow’s World” by Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, “Ultra-social Pop” by Filip Markiewicz, “The World of the Tomorrow’s Mechanics” by M. K. Čiurlionis and the Luxembourg Labour Museum exhibition “Big Industry”, Kosmos Theatre “Cosmos car app”, Ostralė Biennial.

Organisations that developed the Cultural Partnerships Programme

Apeiron Theater

Ars Futuri


Cinema “Romuva”

Contemporary Art Centre (CAC)

Dance Theater AURA

Design Forum

Design Foundation

Freimas –Lizdas Club

GM Gyvai

Impact Foundation

Jazz Academy


Kaunas District Ezerelis Culture Centre

Kaunas District Ramuciai

Culture Centre

Kaunas District Samylai

Culture Centre

Kaunas Artists House

Kaunas Biennial

Kaunas City Chamber Theatre

Kaunas City Museum

Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra

Kaunas County Public Library

Kaunas Cultural Centre

Kaunas District Museum

Kaunas Fortress Park

Kaunas Modern Art Foundation

Kaunas Municipal Vincas

Kudirka Public Library

Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum

Kaunas State Musical Theater

Kaunas State Philharmonic

Kaunas State Puppet Theatre

Kaunas University of Technology

Kaunas-Japan Friendship Association

Kauno Santaka

Emerging Kaunas

Kosmos Theatre

Kulautuva Community Centre

Cultural Courtyard

Culture Platform

Lithuanian Artists Association Kaunas Branch

Lithuanian Forum of Ideas

Lithuanian Graphic Design Association

Lithuanian Human Rights Centre

Lithuanian Photographers Association Kaunas Branch

Lithuanian Union of Architects Kaunas Branch

Lituania Cantat

M. K. Čiurlionis National

Museum of Art Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum

Meno Parkas Gallery

MO Museum

Science and Innovation for Society

Music Code

National Kaunas Drama Theater

Intangible Assets Fund

Pazaislis Music Festival

Prabudimo orkestras

Raudondvaris Manor

Saugi pradžia

Scenos ir estetikos mokykla

Šeiko Dance Company

Šeimos laikas

Digital Cunami


Sugihara Diplomats for Life Foundation

Šviesos raštas

Terra Publica

Vilnius Art Academy Kaunas Faculty

Vilnius Film Festival “Kino pavasaris” 

Vytautas Magnus University


The International Performing Arts Festival “ConTempo”, “Kaunas Piano fest”, the International Puppet Festival “Kaunas Puppet”, the International Choir Festival “Kaunas Cantat – Kaunas sings”, the “Kaunas Gospel & Worship Festival”, the Inconvenient Cinema “Visions of the City on the Move”, the International Dance Festival “Aura”, the International Literature Festival, the International Festival of children’s books “Living Letters”, the Pažaislis Music Festival,

Cultural organisations in collaboration with Kaunas 2022 organized:


other activities


At the National Kaunas Drama Theatre international co-productions “Dorian” by R. Wilson, “Tower of Babel.Planet Earth/Game over/Reset”, “The Assembly Kaunas”, “Visage”, “Kaunas Spring’72”, at the Kaunas State Musical Theatre rock opera “1972”, opera “Nabucco”

In 20202022, cultural partnerships programme attracted:

local partners

international partners


We grew up together.

Our partners are already continuing the following projects: the Kaunas Piano fest, Kaunas Literature Week, Audra Festival, Performing Arts festival “ConTempo”,  Japanese Days in Kaunas,  Kaunas Beast’s Fortress, the Kalnieciai Park Open Reading Library, the Virtual Calendar of Kaunas’ Cultural Activities and the monitoring tool www. The repertoires of the theatres are filled with the audience’s favourite performing arts works, plays and operas (‘Dorian’, ‘Tower of Babel’, ‘Kaunas Assembly’, ‘Kaunas Spring ’72’, ‘Face’, the Opera ‘Nabukas’, the rock opera ‘1972’, the puppet theatre performances ‘The Beast of Kaunas’ and ‘I am the Beast’)

Cultural partnerships programme reached:

people through communication

Programme created:

long-lasting products


Klaudija Aleksandravičiūtė

Rokas Naudžius

Aušra Liaukevičienė

Emilija Talutytė

Deividas Rajunčius

Stefanija Paulauskaitė

Agnė Burovienė

Daiva Price (Citvarienė)