Kaunas District programme

It’s important to know one thing: the Kaunas District shares the title European Capital of Culture with the city of Kaunas! Relationships between cities and their surrounding areas are interesting and complicated throughout Europe. And everywhere they’re influenced by culture. This is why listening to the needs of our region was the first task of Kaunas 2022.

Together with the local community, cultural institutions, partners and artists, create sustainable art and culture projects in Kaunas district based on local identity and involving the local community.

In 2022, Kaunas District programme had:



participants in capacity building events

professionals involved

Contemporary Neighbourhoods

The project Contemporary Neighbourhoods is an ongoing creative project developed in Kaunas District, which aims to mobilise and strengthen local communities and foster the cultural sector of Kaunas district. 15 rural areas are participating in the project Contemporary Neighbourhoods. Each of them has been searching for the identifying features of the local community identity with the help of residents of the town or village, various Lithuanian and foreign artists, educational representatives and partners. Contemporary Neighbourhoods is a project that reveals how diverse and unique Kaunas District communities are, but despite the inherent uniqueness of each one, they all together become a prove to Kaunas District’s strength and constant motivation to grow and create favourable conditions for those who live here as well as for those who come to visit.


Within the ‘Contemporary Neighbourhoods’ framework, 15 urban identity creation projects have been initiated in Kaunas District, in addition to the following initiatives:

community store

community open air gallery

new festivals

long-term public art objects

publications, urban games, street art pieces and other lasting cultural products (created in 2022)

1. Ežerėlis
2. Kulautuva
3. Raudondvaris
4. Karmėlava
5. Babtai
6. Vilkija
7. Garliava region
8. Ringaudai
9. Lapės
10. Linksmakalnis
11. Rokai
12. Kačerginė
13. Akademija
14. Domeikava
15. Samylai

In 2022, Kaunas District programme organized:


other activities

The Emerald Route

The Emerald Route is a route of public art objects in Kaunas District, featuring works by Lithuanian and foreign artists created in recent years within the framework of the Kaunas 2022 programme. Around 80 objects, which shine like jewels in unexpected spaces, have transformed the Kaunas District into an exceptional open-air gallery. The Emerald Route presents artistic objects created in 2019–2022: sculptures, installations, contemporary artworks and even old river machinery, transformed into an art gallery or a gastronomy centre. The ideas of Lithuanian and foreign artists created in recent years can now be easily found in nature, town squares and various unexpected spaces.


In 2022, Kaunas District programme attracted:

local partners

international partners

Nemuno 7

“Nemuno7” is a river engineering and landscape design project that is unique in Europe. Serving as a public cultural space, the object combines technological history, heritage and contemporary architecture and has become a new attraction point for locals and tourists.

Placed on the left bank of the Nemunas River near the village of Zapyškis, the river dredger is a cultural centre for visual art, media and technology, interdisciplinary collaboration and creativity, and one of the most vibrant accents of the “Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022” programme. The object is created on a dredger that was constructed in Czechoslovakia and first put in use in 1965. Because of its outdated technology that is harmful for the river ecosystem, the ship could no longer be used for its main purpose. Instead of scrapping it, a more sustainable solution was devised: to preserve the industrial object giving it a new, more relevant role and transforming it into a cultural space that invites the public to explore the subject of water from the perspective of art, history and science.


The dredger serves as a space for exhibitions, performances, events and meetings – it has a space for artistic residencies, workshops and an exhibition hall. Visitors are able to see the results of each artistic residency right on the ship. It also acts as a scene and impressive scenography for open-air concerts.

Continuing on the subject of sustainability, the ship has also become home to local pioneer plants that grow in open habitats and easily adapt to the extreme growing conditions. A fiercely industrial object with nature sprawling on it, the site is fascinating both from the inside, being onboard, and from the outside, viewed from the riverbank or passing by in a ship.

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Viltė Migonytė–Petrulienė

Milda Rutkauskaitė

Lukas Alsys

Gediminas Banaitis-Skrandis

Greta Klimavičiūtė Minkštimienė

Simona Savickaitė

Laura Auksutytė

Augustina Kalesnikienė

Daiva Price (Citvarienė)

Justina Petrulionytė–Sabonienė

Aurelija Prašmuntaitė

Jūratė Tutlytė