Brigitta Bödenauer

Exploring the Kaunas Fortress with Brigitta Bödenauer

Brigitta Bödenauer is a sound and installation artist, experimental filmmaker and DJ from Vienna, Austria. After taking up a residency in Matters, an industrial culture programme of Kaunas 2022, she spent countless hours in the objects of Kaunas fortress, recording the sounds and exploring the spaces. Her performance in one of the objects, a former gunpowder warehouse, will coincide with the launch of the inaugural interdisciplinary culture heritage festival ‘Baterija’ (Battery) on Friday, September 28th. Introduced by Daina Pupkevičiūtė, the curator of Matters, we sat down with Brigitte a couple of days before that and talked about her background as well as her impressions of Kaunas and its fortress.Read more

Kaune svečiuojasi garso menininkė iš Vienos

Kaunas 2022 residency: Sound and installation artist Brigitta Bödenauer

Sound and installation artist, experimental filmmaker and DJ from Vienna, Austria, Brigitta Bödenauer has been active as DJ in Vienna’s noise and experimental scene since the early 1990s. Her visual work has been always inspired by and strongly connected to music. Extensive experiments – driven by her fascination for the sensuality of movement and material – mark the beginning of each of her works. Read more