Audience Development Expert Agata Etmanowicz: “We should have more faith in people “

Agatha Etmanowicz, Audience Development Specialist and vice president of ‘Impact Foundation’, believes that certain knowledge of audience development strategies is needed for every cultural or artistic institution. Specialist who has organized a creative workshop in Lithuania several months ago, returns to Kaunas, this time as a guest of the European Capital of Culture Forum in Kaunas, and will organize creative workshops for teenagers. In the following interview Agata Etmanowicz shares her thoughts on audience development and its importance for every cultural institution that are facing challenges in order to stay relevant. Read more

Neil Peterson: The need to talk to the people of the city

Neil Peterson, one of ‘Liverpool – European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 2008’ team members, who’s now helping various European cities, such as Kaunas, that have won the ECoC status to cope with challenges they face and to achieve their goals. With Neil Peterson, who was visiting Kaunas several months ago and who will be one of the European Capital of culture Forum’s presenters, we spoke about ‘Kaunas 2022’ team potential and’ Liverpool 2008’ success, which leads city ten year on. Read more

Immie Jonkman, the representative of ‘Leeuwarden-Friesland – European Capital of Culture 2018’: “There is a clear positive buzz here in Leeuwarden-Friesland”

Immie Jonkman, team member of ‘Leeuwarden-Friesland – European Capital of Culture 2018’, believes that this project can’t succeed without the support of local community. In the folowing interview, one of the speakers of the upcoming European Capital of Culture Forum in Kaunas shared her thoughts on positive activism in Leuwarden and province of Friesland,the aims of the project and the joyful atmosphere in this year’s European Capital of Culture.Read more

On the 1st of May international short-term sound art residency Matters_ starts in the framework of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022. Read more

Rolfas Norås: advises Kaunas to be itself and dare to provoke

Director of cultural affairs in the City of Stavanger, Norway, team member of ‘Stavanger – European Capital of Culture 2008’ and co-founder of The European Capitals of Culture Family, Rolfas Norås believes that collaboration between European Capitals of Culture can help reach the long-term success. In the following interview, the presenter of the upcoming European Capital of Culture Forum in Kaunas shares his thoughts on Stavanger experiences and possible recipes of success. Read more

Kaunas, Lithuania To Become The Epicentre of Modernism in 2018

In 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage, all forms of heritage throughout the European Union will be celebrated as the source of memory, identity, dialogue, unity and creativity. These celebrations coincide with the centenary of Lithuania’s independence, causing the country and Kaunas, its provisional capital, to give particular attention to symbols of modernisation, especially to modernist architecture, which bears witness to an optimistic and progressive Europe.Read more

Fion Dobbin on Happiness, Design, Jazz and Business

Ireland, Germany and Latvia might be an interesting triangle, but it seems that Fionn Dobbin, the guest of Kaunas 2022 for the International Day of Happiness, has found his happiness in its corners. His design experience now works as a successful tool for both social and business projects (as well as social business). Fionn will tell us more about the combination of happiness and design in his lecture on March 20th (6:30 PM at Knygų ministerija, Laisvės av. 29) and will also take part in the launch of Designing Happiness program of Kaunas 2022 on March 21st (5:30 PM at VMU L. Donskis library, V. Putvinskio st. 23). Meanwhile, he agreed to answer a few questions about the main topics in his life. Read more

Audience Development Expert Agata Etmanowicz: “Understanding the Value of Process is the Challenging Part“

Agata Etmanowicz, vice president of Impact Foundation based in Warsaw, Poland, visited Kaunas on January 23rd to take part in the inaugural audience development workshop of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022. A few years ago, the foundation ran a specially tailored audience development programme for Wroclaw 2016, and before that, from 2002 until 2007, Agata was working for the Polish Ministry of Culture. She was coordinating the Culture Contact Point (CCP) responsible for running the European Community Programme Culture 2000 in Poland and later, Programme Culture 2007-2013. The guest was eager not only to share her experience in the field of audience development but also to hear about the current state of affairs in Kaunas. After the workshop-discussion in the National M. K. Čiurlionis museum of art, Agata answered some more questions on the topic.
Read more


There’s always a first time for everything. What about us and 99 more first times in the middle of the summer? That’s 100 chances for you to feel free, implement new ideas, make a step forward, face some fears, cope with critique, challenge restrictions or question rules thrown by others.Read more