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The results of survey on the subject of culture service quality

This survey was prompted by the participation of Kaunas city and district in the contest for European Capital of Culture 2022 title, and the purpose is to understand the cultural climate in various city and district territories. The survey was conducted live, during public events and community gatherings (“ECOC communities laboratory”, Kaunas Autumn Fair, Šančiai micro-district community celebration “Šančinės“, etc.), interviewing the residents live (we are grateful to the ECOC volunteer team, the students of the VMU Faculty of Arts and Department of Public Communication for help), as well as online (the link to the online questionnaire:

The total number of the respondents who answered the survey questionnaire is 1,473, out of them 76 percent are women, and 24 percent are men. Age groups include: 8 percent of minors, 31 percent of 18-30-year-olds, 41 percent of 31-50-year-olds, 16 percent of 51-64-year-olds, and 5 percent are over 65 years old. The survey involved the residents of all 11 Kaunas city micro-districts (Aleksotas – 90, Dainava – 177, Eiguliai – 138, Gričiupis – 48, Centre – 154, Žaliakalnis – 176, Panemunė – 42, Petrašiūnai – 67, Vilijampolė – 51, Šilainiai – 176, Šančiai – 141), as well as the residents of various Kaunas district Elderships (Garliava – 87, and other districts – 126).

You can find the survey summary below.Read more