This year Kaunas 2022 programme “Modernism for the Future” together with artist Aideen Barry (Ireland) and people of Kaunas starts the creative process of visual art project on Kaunas Modernist architecture. The result of the project will be presented in 2022.

THE TASK. We invite all the creators – both beginners and professionals – to join us and submit their written, photographed, animated or filmed stories about Kaunas Modernist Architecture.

The stories should be based on these keywords: visual fictions, worlds within words, hidden, lost, found, mirage, dream, holes, portals, ships, the disappeared, poem, ghosts, possession, haunted, slapstick, melting, flop, flip, quarantine, architecture, escape hatch, fast forward, reverse, pause, river, fall, inner space, inner world, trap door, ludique, island, sadness, das unheimlich (the uncanny).

We are waiting for your submissions in Lithuanian and English till June 13, 2020.

You can participate as an individual creator or a curator of a group of school, high school or university students.

Read more and fill in this form to submit your piece:

A task created by visual artist Aideen Barry for the students (in English) that could be used by teachers and lecturers: