This year Kaunas, Lithuania has become the European Capital of Culture, and to mark the  occasion, the Lizdas nightclub has prepared a huge urban festival called AUDRA (eng. the  Storm). Contemporary art installations, exhibitions, events and live performances scattered  throughout the city’s spaces will rock the streets of the European Capital of Culture for five  days – 29 June – 3 July. 

Photo by: Tautvydas Stukas

Concerts and parties in the spaces of Kaunas will be the core of the festival. The events will take  place in huge public spaces such as Ąžuolynas Park, Santaka Park, the Soviet metal factory  Pergalė and many other typical Eastern European urban spaces never before touched by a rave  presence.

Some of the revealed names of the artists are Tommy Cash, VTSS, Hector Oaks, Helena Hauf,  Call Super, Job Jobse, Arp Frique Family (Live), Identified Patient b2b Manfredas, Under Black  Helmet, Azu Tiwaline, Mor Ellian, Dj Marcelle.

Photo by: Tautvydas Stukas

Lizdas nightclub is located just in the heart of the city and is well known to be one of the three  most prominent dance music cultural hubs in Lithuania. Kaunas is the second biggest city in  Lithuania famous for its art-deco architecture and complicated history as being the temporary  Lithuanian capital for 20 years, during the interwar period. Later on, the country has been stuck  under the iron curtain being occupied by the Soviet Union. The period has left the landscape full  of dystopic soviet architecture, eerie neighbourhoods and Chernobyl-like abandoned factories (in  some of them the festival is going to take place too).

Photo by: Vytenis Sidabras

The best way to get to Kaunas is by taking a plane to Kaunas Airport (KUN) or nearby Vilnius  Airport (VNO). Tickets for the festival will be available on Thursday (February 3) on Resident  Advisor.

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