Invitation to MEDIA EVENT – Esch 2022, Kaunas 2022, Novi Sad 2022

Big announcement of three European Capitals of Culture in one event in a delightful modernist architecture city of Kaunas – this is an offer for international media. “Kaunas 2022″ together with “Esch 2022” and “Novi Sad 2022” are delighted to announce the International Media Event in Kaunas, Lithuania, on Thursday, September 24th, 2021.

We are convinced that this first joint post-pandemic physical meeting will provide everyone with a unique opportunity to meet up in one place and exchange the hottest news from each of the ECoC programmes. We are thrilled that besides our big Trio of title owners, many representatives from the ECoC network from all over Europe will also be attending and supporting us during this truly exceptional event in Kaunas.

Accompanied by announcements and presentations from “Novi Sad 2022” and “Esch 2022”, “Kaunas 2022” will take the home stage to reveal its full programme of the upcoming year. This is when you will find out how Kaunas – the Contemporary Capital – will be converted to a place where you simply will not escape culture.

Do not worry, the organisers have omitted all the boring parts of traditional media events. The pandemic suspended the culture sector, but it also provoked our creativity and special powers – we are ready to surprise you.

Besides all the numbers, names of co-creators we are proud of, and facts about the three bold and beautiful programmes for 2022, the mystery of the new Kaunas Myth will be revealed. In other words, the most exciting and attractive public events – The Contemporary Myth of Kaunas Trilogy – will be presented. The main character – the witty Kaunas Beast – will prevail in many of the year’s projects in Kaunas.

The city’s history, Fluxus movement, design, and community all created the legend set to become a year-long cultural festival with an extensive programme in 2022. Kaunas is becoming one big European stage: it will host more than 40 festivals, a comprehensive year-long exhibition programme, more than 250 performing arts events, including 50 premieres and a rich musical programme with approximately 250 concerts.

During your stay, you will be invited to take part in the European Capital of Culture Forum in Kaunas, which will happen simultaneously, on the 22nd -24th of September. The Forum will focus on detailed creative presentations of the programmes of ”Kaunas 2022“ – “Modernism for the Future”, “Designing happiness”, “Memory Office”, “We, the people”, “Emerging Kaunas”, “Wake it, shake it”, many spectacular events by our partners. We will also invite you to a date with the Kaunas Beast.

In a city full of culture, we prepare many pleasant surprises, especially for you. Take the opportunity to get acquainted with Kaunas – an innovative, passionate, stunning, dashing and friendly city for its residents and guests. International Media Event is planned  on the 22nd -24th of September. The unique media programme will be followed by special tours in Kaunas and Kaunas district and a tasting of Lithuania’s favourite dishes and drinks. If you are unable to arrive or would like to schedule other dates, we are open for talks and cannot stress enough how we recommend the following events in 2021:

International Performing arts festival “ConTempo” (17-23rd August)
Fluxus Festival (11th of September)
Landscape design festival “Magenta” (17-26th September)
CityTelling Festival (7-9th October)
Kaunas Biennial (from November 11)

Feel free to ask for information and confirm your participation (no later than August 5, Thursday) by e-mail: [email protected]. The entire programme will be prepared for you in English.

We do understand that some media, especially cultural, are experiencing hard times. Thus, we are open to discuss terms and conditions which could motivate you to visit us, including possibility to cover your travel and accommodation expenses related to the International Media Event and European Capital of Culture Forum on the 22nd -24th of September.

See You soon!
Kaunas 2022 
Esch 2022 
Novi sad 2022 


Picture by M. Plepys