Kaunas’ journey towards the European Capital of Culture title began more than 3 years ago. Together with you, we searched for, created and enjoyed the ideas born within the communities. We celebrated their authentic results, which now attract the eyes of the residents and guests of the city.

However, there is still time until 2022! To start new projects, and to continue the old ones.

“Fluxus Labas! Community Initiatives 2021” invites the people of Kaunas city, community leaders, organisations and businesses to contribute to the creation of a collective dream of their district and to  become a part of the European Capital of Culture events.

Together, we will organise artistic and cultural activities that are strongly linked to the identity of your neighbourhood and reveal the character of the local people.

This year is probably the last opportunity to contribute to “Kaunas 2022” Community program “Fluxus Labas!” while creating a unique object, piece or activity, representing your neighbourhood in the 2022 program.


Register no later than: February 15, 2021 22:00. Register by filling in this form.

Registration is exclusive to formal and informal communities, initiative groups, individuals, creators, businesses, organizations (non-governmental, educational, youth, cultural, etc.) operating in the territory of Kaunas city can register.




The first public meeting will take place on Thursday, 11 February 2021 and will be broadcasted live at www.facebook.com/FluxusLabas/.

You will hear about the project goals, process and opportunities for your involvement. You will be able to ask questions that concern you.

Stage II – IDEA

Meetings in your district will take place in March-April. During them, you will meet established and inspiring people of your community as well as the new members. Together you will share thoughts and look for a collective idea that will creatively reveal your neighbourhood.


The real work begins here! The date of the implementation of your idea will depend on the idea itself. This will all become clear during regular meetings, that are always fun and inspiring.



Your neighbours and those around you also care about them;

They involve local people in the creative process and work;

They comply with the principles of “Fluxus Labas!” – combining different disciplines; coincidence; adventure; DIY culture and aesthetics; simplicity; the blurring of the line between art and life; getting out of routine and everyday life.

They correspond to the history or current affairs of your place of residence;

They contribute to the journey of Kaunas from the temporary capital to contemporary European Capital of Culture.



We will help you find and pay for the creator, artist or workshops. We will provide materials necessary for implementing the idea.

We will make sure everyone hears about your idea!

We will help you arrange meetings and advise you on organisational issues.



With creative ideas, time and energy.

In some districts of Kaunas city there are already active groups of people who will involve you in a friendly and inspiring bustle. In others – you will be the one to take initiative to create something unique.


Any questions? Send us an email to goda@kaunas2022.eu.