I was born at the end of the 20th century in Kaunas. I have been around the Lithuanian entertainment world for 19 years already (with several pauses). During this time, I experienced various changes and gained a lot of experience in music. I had a main role in a TV series, and hosted one TV show. Currently I am the leader of The Roop band. Right now, I tour with my solo programme Dabartis (The Present), continue working on my solo album and together with one great DJ, develop a dance music project. In my future plans, there is composing of music for films and theatre.

Kaunas and I

Kaunas is my hometown. I lived here and attended school in Kaunas District, Akademija Town. Every day since my childhood, I would go to the city centre where I attended the music school. I later joined the Sniego gniūžtė (Snowball) organisation.

I remember that I associated the Old Town with the barber’s shop, hot chocolate and the Cathedral where my sister and myself decided to receive the First Communion. In the meantime, Laisvės Alėja brings me back to one of the first memories I have when still a little kid, clinging to my father’s finger and seeing the blinking streetlights next to the road crossing it, I would ask what they say and my father’s voice would tell: “They say WATCH-OUT”.

I also have a very bright memory from the time I was six: at a former café at the end of Laisvės Alėja, I tasted coffee for the first time. I begged my mother for it, because that smell would always intoxicate me. A fragrant cup of coffee meant a lot to me. That I am a grown up, almost a big guy, even though my mom asked to make me coffee from the second brew – kavasiusė with a lot of milk. Kaunas and its district mean my first loves, first songs written, impressions, knowledge and foundation. It is a big part of me.


I see Kaunas as a very diverse and well-balanced for both a young person and families as well as people of older age. Even now this city is rapidly moving forward. It is interesting for tourists that are looking for new home for people. A great role in city’s social well-being belongs to culture. In order to improve the face of the city and increase its competitiveness, it takes to support theatres, events, music and various artistic projects. Sometimes our government has difficulties understanding that. Actually we often go to other countries because of their art, culture, we look around the lavish architecture, visit artist districts, admire the paintings and sculptures, get amazed by listening to prominent composers. Because of this, my vision of Kaunas region consists of two main elements: entrepreneurship + culture.