The war in Ukraine has brought everyday life to a halt, the Russian aggression closed the door to culture. We, Lithuanians, cannot accept this, we do not want to go back to where we have been against our will, that is why we are opening a new space for culture here in Kaunas.

We believe in culture as a universal tool, a tool for dialogue and inner strength. Culture is a tool to have a voice and to reach the world. Culture is a space to feel heard and part of a community. Culture is a way to heal from within and connect with the other. Culture is our finest tool.

We need a place to feel free, to create and to share. A place where comunity comes together, a place to relax, connect, and focus, a place created by every Kaunas citizen and visitor, a place where Ukrainian culture can flourish, a place where the Ukrainian voice will be heard loudly, a place for all and for all who have chosen Kaunas as their temporary home.

The European Capital of Culture is not just a famous title; it is a privilege to spread the message and open the way to the truth. It is a family for every cultural person. The war in Ukraine has closed the door to this, that’s why we are opening CulturEUkraine in Kaunas – a centre for public debate, art therapy, time with children and artist residencies.

CulturEUkraine is a place to make sense of time, build connections and share culture.



Heroiam slava!

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CulturEUkraine is an open creative space for the people of Ukraine, families, children, and of course, the artists whose temporary home become Kaunas. It is a space for communication, children’s games, education, art therapy, and more. Safe space for creativity and collaboration, exhibitions, and other art projects. Find information about activities and centre here on facebook.

Registration for all representatives of the cultural field from Ukraine
About CulturEUkraine

CulturEUkraine is an open creative space for Ukrainian people, families, children, and, of course, artists whose temporary home is Kaunas. The centre is open on the third floor of the Kaunas Central Post Office. 

Now is the crucial time to become a sponsor of CulturEUkraine sponsor. Only by working together will we be able to establish artist residencies and provide scholarships for artists from Lithuania and Ukraine (and beyond!), who will in turn nurture ideas, create art, document events, and spread the message and stories to the world.

How can I contribute?

Firstly, we want to ensure a cosy and functional space. After all, cosiness is unimaginable without the energy and hard-working hands that people bring to it. So, CulturEUkraine will benefit from the things you are welcome to donate: 

  • various household items: light bulbs, lamps, heaters, mirrors, furniture, 

  • children’s toys, puzzles, books,

  • brooms, vacuum cleaners, crockery, cutlery, small household appliances.

Kaunas residents are invited to bring their items to Kaunas Central Post Office (Laisvės al. 102, Kaunas). If you have bulky goods, please contact us at [email protected] to arrange a pick-up.




“We want this centre to become a place where the voice of the Ukrainian people and the issues of Ukraine can be heard at the European level. We hope that the artists who come here will continue their activities while maintaining contact with those who stay in Ukraine and local creatives. As part of our assistance, it is important to ensure the smoothest and most emotionally easy adaptation to our country, and we will make it possible for them to continue their normal activities and to use their creative solutions to contribute to a quick end to the war and to the victory of Ukraine. Culture and creativity help to overcome difficulties, so we hope that the project will also contribute to our emotional state,” – Virginija Vitkienė, the Head of Kaunas 2022. 

As Lithuania receives more and more war refugees from Ukraine, public organisations, cultural operators and active citizens contribute daily to various support initiatives. As an organisation representing the values of a modern city, Kaunas 2022 has a mission to provide a cultural haven, a creative space and a platform for self-expression. This is particularly needed for creators from Ukraine, and the European Capital of Culture team invites all its partners to become a synergistic mechanism. 

All Kaunas2022 events are free for Ukrainian citizens.

Heroiam slava!

Even the youngest Kaunas residents, the pupils of the school “Herojus”, know the famous Ukrainian chant. The kids have created a series of drawings to support their fellow Ukrainian heroes. We printed the pictures on sweatshirts and t-shirts, that are available for purchase at Kaunas Central Post Office or in the Kaunas 2022 e-shop. The income will go towards Ukrainian art residencies and artistic projects at CulturEUkraine.

Join us

The vast majority of cultural organisations, institutions and initiatives in Kaunas and Lithuania are already doing things for Ukraine, including financial support, hosting colleagues, or providing space for living or artistic residencies. We are proud of this rapid change, and we are optimistic that we can achieve more in unity. 

By coming together, unleashing the creative flow and strengthening the cultural spirit, we will be able to more efficiently help the organisations that work directly with Ukraine and its people:

One way to help is by volunteering with one of the donor organisations. We are glad that Kaunas 2022 volunteers are actively contributing to various support initiatives in Ukraine. We have many hands and hearts willing to contribute, but we always have room for more.

Want to volunteer at CulturEUkraine?

Contact [email protected].

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