Open Call for Artists: The Global Goal Gables Project

Artists are invited to apply for the Global Goal Gables Project. In this project, 17 artists will create 17 works of art on gables in 17 Danish towns. The art forms will for example include painting, graphic arts, audio and light exhibitions, literature, opera, sculptures, architecture, design and street dance.

Brief project description
The Central Denmark Region has launched the Global Goal Gables initiative in collaboration with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The project emphasizes global perspectives and cooperation between involved parties such as artists, municipalities, towns, local cultural entrepreneurs, the tourist and business industries and a set of foundations and funds.

The location will be outdoors, and thus, locals, tourists and business entrepreneurs alike will be met with an excellent and innovative cultural experience in their own backyards.

The Global Goal Gables in the Central Denmark Region will involve 17 gables, 17 art forms, 17 collaborative partners, 17 artists, 17 weeks and 17 global UN goals.

Artists will deal with the artistic challenge that the gables must remain onsite as a permanent exhibition for at least 5 years. After this time span, individual gable owners have permission to remove the respective art works.

17 towns are excited to see your Global Goal Gable proposal

Every town involved in the project has given three preferences for global UN goals and three preferred art forms matching each town’s cultural identity and distinctive features.

In collaboration with the towns, the steering group has distributed the global goals and art forms so that every town receives one global goal and one art form as its main focus point. The curating committee will review all proposals and select three preliminary proposals for each of the 17 towns. From the basis of this shortlist, each town will select one artist, who will then create its new gable art work.

What are our expectations?
In order to participate in the Open Call, you must send us a pitch of no more than 2 A4 pages containing your proposal for an art gable. The art work must be new. You can present it in the shape of words, drawings, images and/or photographs. You are welcome to refer to a website containing further information. In the application, you must clearly state the town (and global goals and art form) which you wish to work with. You must also consider in the application how you plan to turn the art work into a lasting exhibition for a 5-year time period. You must describe how sustainability plays a role in the development and execution of your art work. You should also state your expectations of the local work group, and the target group(s) that you are interested in addressing such as school children, senior citizens, corporate players etc. Please also detail your plans for collaborating with the allotted town in the time leading up to the presentation/performance taking place on the Friday and/or the Saturday in the same week.

You can find an overview of art forms, global goals, towns, locations and local expectations of the art works in Danish here:

The Curating Committee
The cross-disciplinary curating committee consists of artist and leader of the Danish Talent Academy Søren Taaning museum director at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art (HEART) Katrine From, artistic director at the Jutland School of Singing Mads Bille, theatre director of Team Teatret Dorthe S. Bébe and artist and head of the art council in the  Ikast-Brande municipality Lene Abildgaard Knudsen. The curating committee ensures that the art works involved in the project are of the highest quality. Other experts might be added in specific cases to make sure all the necessary qualifications are covered by the committee.

Time line

  • Deadline: The pitch (2 pages) and budget may not exceed 10 MB in total, and the file(s) should be sent digitally to [email protected] before Friday October 8 2021 at 23.59.
  • Curation: By Wednesday October 13 the curators will have selected three preliminary pitches for each of the 17 towns. The chosen art proposals will then be passed on to the local work groups in each town. If the town does not approve any of the three proposals, the project might invite another professional artist to take part instead.
  • The artists are informed: On Friday October 29 2021, the project will officially name the artists that have been selected.
  • Full-day workshop for artists and local work groups: The workshop will be Saturday November 27 2021 between 10-21, including dinner. Venue: Teatersalen, Remisen Brande, DK-7330 Brande.
  • Art reception: The Global Goal Gables Project will be launched at an art reception in between the 17th (April 25-May 1) and 38th (September 19-25) week of the year in 2022. All 17 art receptions will livestream to other cities and towns in Europe. The recordings will also be used to promote the ‘Global Goal Gables Project in the Central Region of Denmark’.


  • Every art gable will be funded with up to DKK 115,000 / EUR 15,000. Your application should include both the pitch and a realistic budget. The budget should include entries for materials, project execution and a salary for the artist.
  • Travel, accommodation and meals are settled through a separate account. DKK 10,000 / EUR 1,300 have been set aside per gable to cover these expenses.
  • Work groups for each art gable may apply for further grants for the development and production of the art work. Please list in your pitch if you know of any additional relevant funding schemes.
  • 25 % of the artist’s salary can be paid out in 2021.
  • Expenses relating to the technical production of the art gable, live-streaming, marketing, meetings, receptions and so on will be settled for the whole project.
  • No salaries will be paid out for pitches that have not been formally approved.
  • The project owns marketing rights for the 17 Global Goal Gables.
  • The 17 art gables will be permanently exhibited on the gables for 5 years. Afterwards, the owners of the gables will be responsible for the art works.

Please note:
The final execution of this project depends on its full financing. Currently, we have obtained funds to cover 2/3 of the budget. The rest of the financing will be met by funds, private donations and the Danish regions.

Contact information

Should you have any questions concerning the project, you are welcome to contact project coordinator Maibritt Larsson at: [email protected] or by phone: 0045 2086 6604