Look Under the Carpet

The Viennese performance collective God’s Entertainment has a penchant for putting its finger in the wound – and in a very poetic way. What is swept under the carpet in Lithuania and the entire European community?

God’s Entertainment takes this question as an opportunity for artistic research and the resulting installation Under the Carpet. A carpet (Ćilim) is made with the help of Kaunasians. Its threads and its structure of warp and weft threads, which meet in a complex fabric, symbolically stand for social unions and people on the move of all kinds: from tourists to migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and guest workers.

The performance and artistic installation Under The Carpet exposes the coverup of different facts pertaining to the political, cultural, social, and media landscape within and outside of Lithuania, facts that should be of concern to society, all in accordance with the phrase: to sweep (something) under the rug.

Dare to look at under the carpet.


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Would like to visit and look around? Feel free to visit the artist during open door days:

August 17 17:00-21:00

August 18 17:00-21:00

???? Radvilų Dvaro str. 2A, Kaunas



See the installation and dive into the secrets kept under the carpet:

August 20 13:00-17:00

August 21-23, 16:00-20:00

???? Radvilų Dvaro str. 2A, Kaunas