In 2018, Seoul City declared itself the “Human City Design Seoul”.

The ‘Human City Design Seoul’ Declaration is a response to what the world needs now, with our society convinced that we must overcome the harmful effects of human alienation or materialism or environmental problems, and design a sustainable urban environment in which people can enjoy creative lives. It is the wish of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and of the Seoul Design Foundation that Seoul can serve as a window for communication in building an urban ecosystem where men and nature coexist and as a platform for joint prosperity where the sustainability and well-being of the cultural community is sought after. With this hope, the “Human City Design Awards” are presented to designers or groups that have contributed to building a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between men and men, between men and society, between men and the environment, and between men and nature by tackling urban environmental issues and by presenting a new vision through creative design.

Design for Sustainable City for a harmonious relationship between people and the environment

1. To establish a sustainable city ecosystem for a harmonious relationship between people and the environment through design
2. To discuss design as a creative solution to complex social problems in the city and to expand design’s healing effects around the world
3. To make the design sector contribute to the development of mankind

Projects that contribute to a more harmonious and sustainable relationship between people and people, people and society, people and the environment and people and nature

· Individuals or organizations in the design sector with the recommendations of nations, local city governments, design-related universities and design-related associations
· Individuals or organizations who have five or more years of experience in design-related field

Grand Prize for One Winner [Human City Grand Prize]
Prize Money 100,000,000 won (KRW) * Worth 85,000 USD

Seoul City / Seoul Design Foundation

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