Artists, designers and painters are invited to participate in creating the IMAGE of mythical Beast of Kaunas for the European Capital of Culture project.

VISUALS ARE EXPECTED AND MOST WELCOME until the 10th of September, 2019. 

All applicants will receive Kaunas 2022 memorabilia as a gift. 

The finalist will be assigned a contract with Kaunas 2022. 

Submissions will be considered by the board of competent professionals and Kaunas 2022 team together with representatives from town and district communities.

By submitting an entry, the applicant grants online publishing rights for Kaunas 2022.

Submissions are welcome by e-mail: until the 10th of September 2019, 1:00 p.m. local time (GMT +3).


  • 3-4 drawings, technique of your choice;
  • image from at least 3 angles, 2D and/or 3D;
  • suggestions for body texture and colour scheme;
  • image against the landscape: water, underground, cityscape, air.




The idea for the mythical Beast of Kaunas stems from the following premises:

– the need for a city to have a good, unifying story that brings energy and affects people from all walks of life: children having something they can draw, popular event-goers having somebody to have a few beers with, souvenirs tourists can buy and, finally, students and other intellectuals having something to contemplate about in terms of the Beast being a transcendent image of all of us together and apart from each other;

– geographical location of the city, where the confluence of two rivers, like huge jaws of the Beast, holds the old town: protecting and threatening it at the same time.  


The Beast:

– has a hypnotic gaze (“dragon” – panther eye);

– has features characteristic to legendary and fabulous creatures. Can bear resemblance to dragon, buffalo, snake, bear and alike;

– can speak and read thoughts;

– is secretive;

– can fly;

– is a waterborne creature;

– is based on the European tradition and iconography;

– can spit fire;

– moves silently, appears from the Under city after dark. 


The visual look of the Beast is intended for:

– sculptures around the city;

– souvenirs, merchandise;

– a huge hot air balloon;

– a trolleybus;

– children’s book illustrations;

– computer games;

– street art, etc.