Nordic Council of Ministers Office, ‘Kaunas 2022’ and a partner association ‘Kūrybinės jungtys’ invite culture professionals to start the new year with storytelling workshop, which will take place on January 7th, at 10-16 h.

The aim of the workshop

Never has the need for fully embodied and mindful storytellers been more important. How do you tell a story in an authentic way?

During this intensive workshop, we will use the images from folktales and explore how they interact with our own life stories. With playfulness and joy, we will create a space of non-judgemental creative self-expression. Through images, voice, and body we will open the doors to a rich inner landscape and develop our awareness about embodied storytelling.

The workshop will be held in English.

Who will conduct the workshop?

Ivanir Sibylla Hasson – a professional performer, storyteller and workshop holder. She is the chair of the Nordic storytelling association, Nordic ALBA Norway. She is also a member of the core group of Tellers Without Borders International and the European organisation, Council of Storytellers. Ivanir has been working as a performing artist since 1989 and is organizing performances, workshops and conferences internationally.

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How much the workshop costs?

The workshop is sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania.

Selection of the participants

Up to 16 participants will be able to attend the workshop. The group will be selected considering the diversity of represented organizations and the motivation of participants.

Register before January 3rd, 14 h. here.

The place of the workshop will be specified for the selected participants.

For more information please contact Justina Petrulionytė-Sabonienė,