“Kaunas 2022” welcomes the last month of summer with an abundance of events and international names.

The August program features a large concentration of contemporary performing arts from all around the world. Several dozen international “ConTempo” performances will visit Kaunas, the longest CityTelling festival will tell stories, and community celebrations will delight with their events.

Highlights of the month

08 01-21 d. International Performing Arts Festival “ConTempo”

International Performing Arts Festival “ConTempo”

International performing arts festival ConTempo initiated by “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”, started from a three-day festival in 2019, reached six days of events in 2020 and grew to a ten-day edition in 2021. Organized yearly in August in Kaunas and Kaunas district, this year the festival promises its most stunning celebration of the festival’s history.

More than 140 performances await. In the repertoire: the famous French contemporary circus artist Boris Gibé's philosophical performance "L'absolu", the landscape opera "Signal" by the Dutch sound artists Jeroen Strijbos and Rob van Rijswijk, and over 20 other performances. One of them is the premiere of two cultural capitals, Kaunas and Esch-sur-Alzette, born during the contemporary dance project "Tribune // Dance yourself!".

When? 08 01-21

More information here.

07 17 The Assembly

The Assembly

Beneath language, a vast land of possibilities lingers in our vocal territories, here lives the Memory of Voice. What we say, the words and tones we choose to tell and sing our stories, define our memories. Memory arises from what is spoken, memory is voice.

The Assembly is an immersive sound ritual at the crossroad between physical and virtual worlds. Here, the human and digital merge to revisit the ancient practice of collective singing. Immersed in a multi-sensorial space of “The Assembly”, you encounter The Memory of Voice, a mystic creature living in a world of dreamy beats and bodily sounds.

The MoV initiates you into different practices of sounding together, inviting you to compose in virtual reality, play in an interactive installation or simply enjoy the sound of endless human expression during a performance-concert.

The project is mobile and currently touring from Luxembourg to France and Lithuania as part of the “European Capital of Culture 2022” program.

When? 08 07-13

Where? Kauno kino centras „Romuva“, Laisvės al. 54

More information here.

08 16-17 Dance performance “Mikado”

Dance performance “Mikado”

“Mikado” explores the current human condition when virtuality is substituted for the material. The performance combines different languages of movement such as the natural physicality of the body, the archaic tradition of Aikido and other martial arts and contemporary dance. Intensified with rhythms, music, seasoned with Italian cultural references, it creates a ball of energy that goes straight to one's core.
“Mikado” is choreographed by Vittoria de Ferrari Sapetto, Andrea Valfre and performed by Šeiko Dance Company, Nuepiko Dance Troupe, and other professional dancers from all over Europe as well as Kaunas local community members. The light design is created by the famous Giacomo Gorini and the music is composed by renowned Italian composer Giorgio Ferrero.

When? August 16-17, 2022
Where? Kaunas district

Organizers: Sheik Dance Theater
Partners: Goethe-Institut Litauen, Lithuanian Culture Council, Kaunas 2022, Klaipėda City Municipality

08 30 d. - 11 13 d. Ostrale Biennale. Artist in residence programme

Ostrale Biennale. Artist in residence programme

Since 2016, the Dresden Ostrale Biennale for Contemporary Art has organized travelling exhibitions to present the interdisciplinary content of its shows in various parts of Europe, collaborating with other cities that have served as European Capitals of Culture, including Pécs 2010 (Hungary), Wrocław 2016 (Poland), Valletta 2018 (Malta) and Rijeka 2020 (Croatia).

The works of Gabrielė Gervickaitė (LT), Anna Fabricius (HU) and the creative collective KOLXOZ (TI-CZ) will be presented here. Later, in October, it will be possible to see the full exhibition of the OSTRALE biennial at the Kaunas Central Post Office.

When: 08 30 - 11 13

Curators: Patricija Gilytė (LT), Ivana Meštrov (HR), Krisztián Kukla (HU), Natasa Bodrozic (HR)

08 12 d. World Mucis Stars for Ukraine

World Music Stars for Ukraine

The Pažaislis Music Festival and "Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022" invite you to the exclusive musical project "World Music Stars in Pažaislis" dedicated to Ukraine. Ukrainian world-renowned conductor Oksana Lyniv, together with her compatriots - baritone Andrei Bondarenko, violinist Andrii Murza, young Lithuanian singer Austėja Zinkevičiūtė, Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra and Kaunas State Choir will perform a program dedicated to their Homeland. In addition to well-known classical works, the concert will focus on the music of Ukrainian composers.
All funds collected from ticket sales for this concert will be used to support the war-affected Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra.

08 19, 20, 26 d. TOWER OF BABEL. Planet Earth/Game Over/Reset.

TOWER OF BABEL. Planet Earth/Game Over/Reset

TOWER OF BABEL. Planet Earth/Game Over/Reset is an interactive theatrical adventure for teenagers. This performance, co-created by four European theatres from Norway, Iceland, Hungary, and the National Kaunas Drama Theatre, tells a fantasy story of creating a new world and a new tribe of people after a global disaster. The starting point of the performance’s narrative is the biblical story of the construction of the tower of Babel started by a united nation of humanity speaking one language. The structure was to reach the sky, but God punished people for such insolence by mixing up their languages. When people could no longer find a common language, they failed in implementing their idea. They started fearing each other and fighting among themselves. In the theatrical version of this story, the audience is transferred to the postapocalyptic world in which humanity gets a chance to once again work together for a common goal. The performance is created following the principles of immersive theatre: the audience becomes the participants and creators of the performance. They are divided into four groups-tribes with their own costumes, language, and rituals. All the tribes embark on a theatrical adventure with one goal on their mind - to find what has been lost. The four tribes finally meet. Will they manage to communicate? Will they be able to work together? Will they manage to build a structure that would determine the future of the whole humanity? Can we stop fighting and create the future of our planet together?

Interactive performance for youth (+13)

Project partners: Káva Kulturális Műhely (Hungary), Kompani 13 (Norway), Bird & Bat (Iceland), and the National Kaunas Drama Theatre (Lithuania).

The performance is a part of the Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022 programme and is presented in the program of the international contemporary performing arts festival “Contempo”,

until 08 28 Culture in microdistricts and their yards

Culture in micro districts and their yards

"Culture to the courtyards" is one of the most popular Fluxus Labas! initiatives, turning yards into stages for concerts and performances. In August, performances will delight the courtyards of Žaliakalnis, Petrašiūnai and Vilijampole. However, the cultural event will not stop only in the courtyards, the communities of these micro-districts prepare festivals full of excursions, music and other cultural surprises. On August 6, a dance performance excursion "Step by Step" will be held in Žaliakalnis and a set of sightseeing walks around the area. On August 13-14, Petrašiūnai will host a colourful "Marie Festival", emphasizing the importance of the Kaunas lagoon in the face of the city. Meanwhile, Vilijampole on August 20. will invite you to the sports and art festival "Kulturtonas", where the installation "Under the Carpet" will be opened.

More information is available here.

until 08 31 Contemporary Neighborhoods

Contemporary Neighborhoods

The Kaunas district is also full of festivals. Here, residents share their identity discoveries and create events.
The traditional event of Samylai "Foots at the bottom of the lagoon" (08 25-26) will remind you of the traditions and customs of the villages flooded by the Kaunas lagoon in a theatrical performance.
Ringaudai (08 20) invites you to get to know them through "Ringaudų almanachas" created by the community and artist Paulina Ružauskaitė, which will reveal how all people see their ward differently.

CityTelling Festival

CityTelling Festival

The Story Festival invites you to return home to the multi-ethnic, multicultural and story-filled Kaunas. The festival, which lasts several months, awakens the Jewish memory of the city and raises questions about the history of modern Kaunas. The autumn event will be crowned by the Kaunas 2022 Litvak cultural forum and the storytelling program "Where can I find you?".

The full festival program is here.

until 08 28 d. Marilia Destot's Exhibition “The Journey”

Marilia Destot's Exhibition “The Journey”

In the exhibition “The Journey”, French artist Marilia Destot talks about memory, its poetic nature and fragility. The exhibition presents recent mixed media artistic projects, in which the artist explores her family’s historical roots in Lithuania and recreates a memory activated by imagination.

Marilia Destot became interested in her Lithuanian roots and Jewish heritage in 2021, when she first visited Lithuania. Since 2019, the artist has been developing the project called “The Journey”, started at Kaunas Photography Gallery, where she combines archival material with the memories and stories of her family members to create a distinctive, memory-based, historical biography of several different generations.

Marilia Destot (1977) is a French photographer living and working in New York, USA. Her stories of portraits, dance and landscape photography explore the cyclical nature of time, its passage and the tracks we leave behind.

Her work has been awarded numerous prizes and exhibited at numerous institutions and festivals in Europe and USA, including Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, The Bourse de Talent/BNF in Paris, The French Institute in New York, among others.

The exhibition runs until the 28th of August.

The exhibition will be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, at 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For visiting the exhibition at another time, please contact: [email protected]

Free entrance.

The exhibition is organized by Kaunas Photography Gallery

08 04 d. - 10 30 d. CityTelling Festival. Out of Darkness, an interactive exhibition

CityTelling Festival. Out of Darkness, an interactive exhibition

Artist Jenny Kagan, daughter of Joseph Kagan and Margaret Strom grew up in the UK surrounded by stories of pre-war and wartime Lithuania. In the exhibition "Out of Darkness" she shares the stories they told her about their survival in Kaunas during the Holocaust.

The setting of this exhibition, created through images, music, projections, and other elements, draws viewers into a very personal and at the same time universal story, inviting them to explore their emotions and experiences in the presence of memory, light, and darkness.

“They met in the ghetto in 1943.  She was only 18 years old. It is a story of oppression and persecution, of unimaginable loss and terror, and yet ultimately it is also a story of love and a story of survival,” says Kagan. “While those around them perished, they escaped the ghetto and survived the war in hiding, with the help of their Lithuanian saviors.  You are invited to navigate your own journey through an atmosphere-laden landscape, where faces float in the darkness, suitcases open to reveal magical interiors, hidden corners invite you in and stories unfold.”

The exhibition "Out of Darkness", like the other initiatives of Kaunas 2022 Memory Office programme, is an attempt to bring back to Kaunas the fates and stories of our predecessors – the Kaunasians of different ethnicities. To recall the achievements and contributions of those from whom we inherited this city.

The story told by Jenny Kagan seems even closer and more relevant to us in the face of today's war. It raises the question of our choices – unfortunately, not in the abstract sense, but in the present tense.

What do I do when war comes? Do I choose left or right? If I must, which side do I send the other to? Do I open the door to the one who is being persecuted? Do I close my eyes and remain a passive observer? We hope that everyone will find their own answer in this exhibition.


The exhibition will take place in Gimnazijos g. 4, next to the Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas. Entrance through Vilnius street, through the garden, or St. Gertrūdos Street parking lot. Follow Kaunas 2022 signs.


The entrance fee is applied.

Discounts are available for seniors, schoolchildren, students, and visitors with disabilities.

Tickets can be purchased on-site and at

Opening hours

Wed, Fri–Sun 11:00–18:00

Thurs 11:00–19:00

The exhibition will be open for visits from 04 Aug to 30 Oct 2022

The exhibition is intended to be experienced alone. At busy times you may be asked to wait.

Organizers: Kaunas 2022

Sponsors: UAB Optina, UAB Lahyer,

Partners: Kauno regioninis valstybės archyvas

Summer Stage

Summer Stage

Throughout the warm season, the heart of Kaunas Old Town – Town Hall Square – will beat with the rhythm of culture. The summer stage of Kaunas 2022 will delight you with the most memorable performances, concerts, tastings and meetings. May to September, a carefully prepared artistic programme weekend and hundreds of free events with the best Lithuanian and foreign musicians are waiting for you.

More information is available here.

Summer full of culture

As Summer heats up be sure to always carry sunscreen and the Kaunas 2022 app on your phone. That way, you will always keep up to date with the remaining whirlpool of cultural events. Audra Festival, the recent 5-day spectracal shattered stereotypes and demonstrated a modern contemporary city. Get closer to brilliant artists and watch out for more fantastic exhibitions such as: Čiurlionis National Museum of Art hosts “That Which We Do Not Remember” exhibition by William Kentridge, and Yoko Ono’s installation “Ex It” at the Bank of Lithuania. As every year, a variety of performers will gather at the Pažaislis Music Festival: from jazz to opera, from a quartet to a symphony orchestra. The European Capital of Culture continues to strive forwards in its pledge, bringing art and culture together.