Nuotr. Eglės Bazaraitės


Urtė Karalaitė is the author of the independent podcast “Fast Life Slow Conversations”, where she discusses the inner side of man with various interlocutors. Urtė is also a moderator of conversations and discussions, a long-time juggler of communication projects and texts and a second grade student of poetry.

Kaunas and I

I was born, grew up, grew up more in Kaunas, and I try to finally grow up in geographical points a bit more distant from Kaunas. In the 1990s, my brother and I were selling apples next to the supermarket of the housing area. In Kaunas, I shaved my head twice: being 6 and 15 years old. In Kaunas, I used to rewrite music from CD to tapes because I believed in them. In Kaunas, I cleaned blood from my friend’s face. In Kaunas, after school, we used to eat baguette and apples for lunch.

For me, Kaunas is a place that no other place will be the same. Its nostalgic, cultural, anthropological and all other possible layers create a narrative that there is simply no way to retell or recreate. Kaunas is different.


I wish the city of Kaunas I was raised by would not loose its unprecedented multifacetedness, when not moving too far you can travel many different worlds with their unique experiences, views, cultures, and characters.