Nuotr. Remio Ščerbausko


Remigijus Ščerbauskas is a well-known street photographer. After getting his bachelor’s in photography in WICE Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) in 1996, R. Ščerbauskas started actively participating in the street photography of Kaunas and other foreign cities in 2007. R. Ščerbauskas works can be seen in many galleries, sites (from „Urban Street Photography“, „Streets In Color“ to „Vouge“), printed media (in magazines like „Schwarzweiss 115“, „Vision Libres URBAN POETRY“, „Inspired Eye Magazine“, photography book „WE STREETS Street photography from around the Globe“), and many exhibitions.

The ability to capture life has earned the photographer multiple awards: an honor diploma in the „Budapest International Photo 2019“ awards, first place in „The International Award Honoring Black and White Photography 11“ contest, an international award in the photography contest „11th black and white spider awards“ and many others.

Kaunas and I

Kaunas asked me to photograph it, and that’s how our connection, lasting already for 13 years, started. Kaunas is my hometown, I would recognize it even from the scent of it.

Speaking about the vision of the city – we form the cities at first, and later the cities start to form us. That’s why I wouldn’t want to get revenge from the city.