Nuotr. Martyno Plepio


Marius Pinigis is a representative of contemporary dance, developing his activities as a dancer, choreographer, and educator not only in Lithuania but also abroad. One of the founders of the “NUEPIKO” dance company. Having been a dancer at Kaunas Dance Theater “Aura” for a long time, he has not only regularly appeared as a dancer, has actively created and presented his works but also takes care of the dissemination of dance in Kaunas and is involved in the development of Kaunas city cultural life. For his active artistic activity, Marius has received several awards for professional performing arts. He is active not only in educational activities but also regularly does internships in dance seminars, workshops, and intensive courses abroad. Moreover, he is a member of the Contemporary Dance Association, which unites Lithuanian dance professionals.

Kaunas and I

For me, Kaunas, first of all, is a city with a lot of potential. Currently, it is a dynamic, changing city. I do see the potential, first of all, and foremost in culture. I recognise a cultural community with many wonderful, inspiring ideas, a sincere desire and hard work to make culture integral, in no way inseparable from the identity of the city and the people who live in it. I am glad that thanks to the “Kaunas 2022” projects I had the opportunity to know Kaunas district better. So at the moment, the general geography of Kaunas in my mind has expanded considerably. Culture, cultural, artistic projects are a way to bring people closer to each other and erase any administrative or other boundaries. Kaunas is a great example of this.


Besides Kaunas is a part of a unique and adventurous process. A modern city, creating its myth, aiming to tame a new–old legendary but also futuristic resident – the beast of Kaunas! Kaunas is no longer the temporary capital; it is a city with its own story, with a vision and a creative approach, pointing to the future.

In the future, I witness Kaunas having developed and revealed its potential. A city with a strong multicultural atmosphere, with progressive, creative arts and people with access to the highest level of art as well as a sense of culture in a broad sense that goes beyond just attending art events, but rather includes a culture of communication, being together, discussing, and openness.