Nuotr. Vaido Jokubausko


Jurga is an outstanding singer, composer and actress whose sensitive and melodic songs impressed many fans in Lithuanian and foreign scenes. One of the country’s most original artists, with each new album, boldly steps into the musical and creative not experienced spaces.

The album “Aukso pieva” (Golden Meadow) released in 2005 became an extraordinary début, for which Jurga gained the love of many listeners. The record “Aukso pieva” (Golden Meadow) went platinum in Lithuania, and the subsequent albums “Instrukcija” (Instruction) and “+37°” (Goal of Science) went gold. After releasing these albums, Jurga became the most famous celebrity of the decade of popular music in Lithuania.

The last year for Jurga was also one of the most successful in her career. In the Netflix series “The Last Czars”, she played a Montenegrin Princess. The singer also released a baroque music album “To the Sky” and a collection of the best songs summarising her artistic creation Ten, kur tu (there, where you are), and during the tour of concerts visited Iceland, China, Estonia, Latvia, and Norway.

Kaunas and I

The main creative ideas for the new album were developed in a creative camp with band members in Babtyno-Žemaitkiemio manor a year and a half ago.

One of the songs of the new album “Gama” written by the same name of the poem written by dec. Kęstutis Navakas, a lighthouse of Kaunas’ culture. I am grateful to him for his inspiration and thoughts on the writing process and creativity in general. My dear life teachers, with whom the paths crossed on time also live in Kaunas.

I am very happy that the city evokes associations related to some ease and inner rest. Maybe because all the work and duties are tied to Vilnius, and to Kaunas I go to meet people who have become very important to me and respected, to create, rest from routine and gain new strength.


I favour the friendship between cities, and what happens between Vilnius and Kaunas is sensitive and beautiful. I believe, as it is said in one film, that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and maybe even a mature building relationship.

Kaunas vision is related to the wish of Kaunas residents and especially young people to build own city both around them and inside themselves. I wish you to be proud of your city as the city is the people who live in it. Inner pride, self-esteem, respect for each other and creativity are what can create the most amazing city in the world. Openness and friendship with other cities are an expression of this.