Inga Turminienė is the founder of the IETI restaurant and a chef. She received a Master’s Degree in Finance at ISM University. She studied the chef speciality at the Kaunas Food Industry and Trade Training Center. She was an intern in one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen, “Geranium” (3 Michelin stars). She used the practice that she had in “Geranium” as an inspiration for the IETI restaurant. In 2015, she founded the IETI restaurant together with her husband.

Kaunas and I

Kaunas is the city where I grew up and it means a lot to me. From a young age, while I grew, I saw the beauty of different styles. I spent my time in the green surroundings of a variety of parks. The cultural layers, arts and music festivals of Kaunas tirelessly nourish my soul, and its best schools and universities are a source of knowledge and energy. All of this is like food for the soul, and in Kaunas, it is of the highest quality. When I created the IETI restaurant, I wanted it to become another special piece of Kaunas and to meet all the needs of the residents.


The menu of the IETI restaurant is born from the experiences and feelings that you face when you are constantly thinking of Kaunas. I see an increasing number of people who live in Kaunas and create this city for themselves, their neighbours and the constantly increasing audience of city guests. All of this is exciting and I am glad that I can be a part of the changes and this initiative. Kaunas residents participate very actively in various city events and projects, and this is why I believe that Kaunas European Cultural Society 2022 will be a project that will inspire Kaunas and its residents – a project that is awaited, interesting and successful!