Remio Ščerbausko nuotrauka


Birutė Letukaitė – a dancer, a choreographer and a teacher. The “Aura” dance studio that was created and nurtured at the initiative of Birutė Letukaitė in 1980, was registered in 1995 as the Kaunas Theatre, which is still managed by the famous choreographer. Even before the country had regained its independence, B. Letukaitė was the first in Lithuania to invite foreign choreographers and dance teachers to Lithuania and to organize dance seminars, including projects with various artists, seniors and physically disabled people.

Birutė Letukaitė carries out artistic and pedagogical activities: she worked as a choreographer in a Kaunas children’s sports school, as a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts of Vytautas Magnus University, in the Higher theatrical school of the Kaunas State Drama Theatre, and she is also a jury member of many Lithuanian and foreign dance competitions. The creative activities of B. Letukaitė are not limited to the responsibilities of being the artistic director and choreographer of the “Aura” Kaunas Dance Theatre, she enthusiastically participates in various creative initiatives and projects involving Lithuanian and foreign artists.

Kaunas and I

Kaunas has its own aura and “Aura”. Kaunas is one of a kind. The modern dance which was born in the temporary capital, endured the Soviet times, today makes the city famous. The “Aura” dance theatre is traveling the world and spreading the message about Kaunas and the ongoing “Aura” international dance festival. I am glad that I was born and grew up in this city and that, together with “Aura”, I came to the modern capital, Kaunas. I am proud that we are a significant part of the city aura.