Memory Office

The Memory Office programme aims to awaken the multicultural legacy of Kaunas and Kaunas District, to remember the rich history and encourage people to be proud of themselves as well as the places they’re living in.

For centuries, individuals and groups of various nationalities or religions have settled in Kaunas, but what do we really know about those who lived here before us? Who were they? How did they shape their own lives? What were their dreams? What future were they hoping for?

The programme includes many diverse projects from exhibitions and plays to history publications. However, firstly we want to create a particular memory map of the city by meeting people of various religions and nationalities and collecting the stories of their lives. We dig deeper into the fate of their families, also the circumstances that led them to Kaunas, the life they’ve created here – we wish to see the city through their eyes during different periods of time. The archive for these stories from all kinds of Kaunas residents is here: It’s like a memory cloud for the next projects in art, education and science; a platform for those willing to learn more, pay their respect or revive the past that feels to be wearing off at times. Let’s find new ways to awaken the city together!

Get in touch with us if you:

   want to tell the story of yourself, your family or the place you live in;

   know someone interesting we could approach;

   wish to join the quest of collecting memories;

   can take photos, videos or edit the material;

   want to transcribe the conversations;

   are eager to collaborate with us in other ways;

   wish to share your ideas with the Memory Office;

   are looking for new perspectives on the places of Kaunas.


Curator of the programme

Daiva Citvarienė


Coordinator of the programme

Justina Petrulionytė-Sabonienė