The goal of the youth programme Emerging Kaunas is to help younger generations to shape the city they’d love to live in. This programme invites youngsters to share the responsibility for the changes in Kaunas and Kaunas District.

From toddlers to graduates, the programme aims to include as many motivated people as possible. Join us!

If you’re in grades 9-12, you can take part in a unique programme for practical activities – Kaunas Challenge, which the team of Kaunas 2022 is working on alongside Sėkmės Mokykla. The programme will have pupils being directly involved in creating the plan itself, getting many opportunities to implement their cultural, social, civil, business and other ideas. To register or get more information click here.

If you’re 18-27 years old, we welcome you to join the international youth camp 100 Pirmų Kartų [100 First Times], which champions socialising, collaborating, working on fresh ideas together and celebrating Lithuania’s centennial. The primary goal will be to stimulate new, creative, progressive initiatives that could help in getting more people from Kaunas and Kaunas District engaged with the community activities of Kaunas 2022. We’ll go to different spots in Kaunas and Kaunas District every day to explore, talk, search, think and create new stories.


Any questions, ideas or suggestions? Get in touch!

Curator of the programme

Vaida Venckutė-Nagė

Coordinator of Kaunas Challenge

Aurelija Prašmuntaitė