We invite you to take part in a storytelling training


The training is for anyone interested in the art of storytelling.

The aim is to provide knowledge and experience in using the power of stories as a tool in participants’ professional activities.



The training will consist of three phases:

  1. Introductory 3-hour online session (28 April 2022);
  2. 5 module interactive online self-training course (May-September 2022);
  3. 3 hour face-to-face experiential training (October 2022).


Important. The training will be conducted in English.


Introductory 3-hour online session will cover the following topics:

  • The neuroscience of narrative
  • The foundation of narrative training
  • Confidence building of participants
  • How it is all going to work.


Interactive online self-training course will consist of 5 modules:

  1. Forming the Group. – Creating safety and trust. The importance of boundaries. Deconstructing narratives and identifying sources.
  2. Creating the Vision – Facilitating the group to create shared visions. Identifying the threats.
  3. Planning the Journey – Facilitating the group to identify next steps and how they will overcome possible threats.
  4. Checking the compass – Training in techniques that enable people to review, reflect and implement change when necessary.
  5. (Optional Module) – Sharing the Journey – how to create resources for others to use including useful stories and techniques.

This training course will be independently followed by participants; however they are able to leave questions, upload videos and check out a range of additional material that will be available on the platform.

Duration per module: 45 minutes.


3 hour face-to-face experiential training

The meeting will be designed to put into practice the skills acquired during the training.

The meeting will take place within the framework of the storytelling programme “Where can I find you?” organised by Kaunas 2022 (see more here: https://kultura.kaunas.lt/renginys/istoriju-pasakojimu-programa-kur-man-tave-rasti-63/5252). It is hoped that the participants, together with the trainer, will become facilitators of the ‘Future Narrative’ event, which is part of this programme.

Important. Depending on the world situation at the time, a live meeting in Kaunas or a remote event is planned.



The storytelling training will be led by Katrice Horsley (UK), a professional storyteller and consultant, founder of Narrative4Change. Narrative4Change aims to highlight how narrative-based training can be used as a powerful tool for community development, organisational change, skills, education and personal development. Through Katrice’s training, participants learn to define their visions and goals, understand how they will feel once they have accomplish them, and develop a plan to achieve them.

Read more here: www.narrative4change.com/



The training is funded by Kaunas 2022.



The training will be open to up to 20 participants.

Registration is open until 11 April 2022 at 15:00, by filling in the registration form: bit.ly/StorytellingMokymai2022

The group will be selected based on the motivation of the participants.

We will inform you of the selection results and the further progress of the training by 22 April.



Sandra Maslauskaitė-Šimonė

[email protected]