We invite cultural organizations, artists, and communities to propose ideas for the program of Kaunas 2022 CityTelling festival 2021.

CityTelling Festival is planned to take place on October 7–9, 2021 and it will be dedicated to home stories.

Since the early 2020s, our lives have changed abruptly. Life remained at HOME. The history took place at home. Home has become our refuge and the center of the universe.

In this pandemic universe, memories and history have taken on new meanings. Memories of “normal” life, impressions of past travels, or photographs of PRE-quarantine life have become anchors of hope helping not to drown at the sea of anxiety. History BEFORE has become the island of our dreams, the romanticized world of the past, untouched by the shackles of the new reality.

This year CityTelling Festival invites you to talk about homes that hold the whole world. To talk about homes where the History is born.

We will be waiting for your proposals until noon, June 30, 2021.

Please tell us about it in this registration form:

We will inform you about selected proposals by July 14, 2021. They will be included in the program of CityTelling Festival 2021.

The priority will be given to projects that respond to the theme of the festival, seek new forms of telling stories and undiscovered places to tell them. Also we encourage you to think about initiatives that are safe and appropriate to conditions of possible quarantine.


CityTelling Festival is organized by “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”, program Memory Office. Started in October 2019, the festival unites everyone who likes to tell stories and listen to them. The CityTelling Festival aims to remind the multiethnic memory of Kaunas and its surroundings, to strengthen the dialogue between different communities, to encourage pride in the place we live in, and at the same time – to talk about topics relevant to contemporary European.

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Karina Židokaitė, [email protected]


Photo by Marc Wilson, 2019