Dresden is internationally renowned not only for its great cultural heritage, but also for contemporary music, for arts – and for film festivals. It is an interesting location for tourists who want to discover the diversity of European arts and culture. In light of the immense challenges of the past years – including the refugee crisis and the rise of anti-European sentiment all over Europe – Dresden has also been a focal point for the debate about the future of European values.

Dresden decided to apply for the title “European Capital of Culture 2025”. The city is convinced that the celebration of arts and culture is deeply connected to the process of shaping the future of a diverse society in Europe.

Therefor the Bid Office Dresden 2025 European Capital of Cultureinvites creative professionals to work in Dresden and Saxony. The programme aims to foster critical thinking, creativity, innovative ideas and processes, and pathways to exchange and cooperation between international artists and the wider region of Dresden.

Neue Heimat on the road is an international residence project, that offers six residencies for people from the creative industries at different stages of their career, and from a wide variety of disciplines (journalism, multimedia and video art, new technologies, illustrators and other fields), a mobile working place for a maximum of two weeks.

The creative professionals will be discovering Dresden and its surrounding area, the Saxon Switzerland, the Elbland and Erzgebirge, in a comfortable caravan. We will support residents in their creative explorations, investigations and artistic growth within an environment of communication and exchange.  The residency covers all costs related to travel and accommodation.

Submission Date for your application is 15th of June 2019, 11 p. m. CEST via kulturhauptstadt@dresden.de

You can find the instructions regarding how to apply and how to submit your applications here.

For further information, please visit Dresden website.